Hello Commanders,

Here are the details of ASTROKINGS' upcoming maintenance on the 13th of April.

Note: As this is advance notice, the content or schedule may be subject to change depending on the circumstances. We'll notify you of any changes.

Maintenance Schedule: 2022/04/13 01:00 - 03:00 AM UTC

1. Event End Notice

- Headhunt I-III events will end on 2022/04/13 00:00:00 UTC

2. New Events

Event Period: 2022/04/13 (after maintenance) - 2022/04/27 00:00:00 UTC

2-1. Jaden's Know-How

Hey, Commander!

I have some good news today! Oh? Where did you find out? Well, it doesn't matter! I only focus on looting!

Even if the pirates have been collecting tons of gold lately, we're plundering them in the middle! Wouldn't that be fun?

<How to earn points>

1. Defeat the Golden Pirate Fleet

2. Defeat the Space Pirates

3. Defeat Pirate Bases

4. Obtain Gold Box I, II, III

5. Use of Speed Boost items

※ You can acquire the 'Planet Skin : Tascapirate' when you purchase the event's premium pass and complete the event goal.

※ You must acquire at least 500 event points to be counted in the ranking!

2-2. Jaden's Know-How - Defeat the Golden Pirate

Defeat the golden pirates and receive special rewards.

<Event Notes>

Every 6 hours, 'Golden Pirate Fleet' NPCs are summoned throughout the space map.

※ A golden box can be obtained that can give a huge amount of gold resources when defeating the Golden Pirate Fleet.

※ You can obtain a large number of event points when defeating the Golden Pirate Fleet

※ The event Golden Pirate Fleet disappears after 30 minutes!

2-3. New Event Planet Skin

Planet Skin : Tascapirate

3. Others

- Fixes on minor text and errors

Thank you.