Hello Commander,

Here are the details of our upcoming maintenance schedule. Please note that during the server maintenance, you will not be able to access the game.

Note: As this is advance notice, the content and/or schedule may be subject to change depending on the circumstances. We'll notify you of any changes. 

Maintenance Schedule: 2021/10/13 (01:00 - 05:00 AM UTC)

1. Events - End Notice

- Stargate SG-1 Collaboration related events will end on 2021/10/13 00:00:00 UTC

- After the event ends, Stargate SG-1 flagships and heroes can no longer be acquired. 

※ Collaboration Event Shops will be available until 2021/10/14 00:00:00 UTC

2. New Events

2-1. Trick or Treat I

"These monstrous space pirates are going to go out in their Halloween makeup now and die of anger. I'll prepare the appropriate rewards in the order in which you defeat the space pirates dressed up for Halloween! Can you get rid of the space pirates?"

<How to earn points>

1. Defeat Halloween space pirates

2. Acquire 2021 Halloween Candy

Event Period: 2021/10/13 (after maintenance) - 2021/10/27 00:00:00 UTC

※ When purchasing the Premium Pass and completing the event goal, 'Planet Skin : Nightmare' can be acquired to celebrate Halloween 2021!

Note: To be able to claim the premium rewards, the event points for each reward item should be completed. (Reference: Seasonal Event - Premium Pass)

※ To compete in the individual rankings, a certain number of points should be achieved.

2-2. Trick or Treat II

Defeat the Gold Pumpkin Pirates and receive special rewards.

Event Period: 2021/10/13 (after maintenance) - 2021/10/27 00:00:00 UTC

<Event Notes>

Every 4 hours, 'Gold Pumpkin Pirate' NPCs are summoned throughout the universe map. 

※ When you defeat the 'Gold Pumpkin Pirate', you can obtain various high-value rewards, including the 2021 Halloween Candy.

※ 300 Gold Pumpkin Pirates summoned every time!

2-3. Trick or Treat III

Hey Commander, you got some Halloween candies recently, right? It's not edible to humans, so give them to me. I'll exchange them for suitable items. 

You can defeat the monsters of Halloween and exchange the acquired candies for various items!

Event Period: 2021/10/13 (after maintenance) - 2021/10/28 00:00:00 UTC

2-4. New Event Planet Skins

1. Planet Skin : Nightmare

2. Planet Skin : Black Nightmare

3. Reorganized Event Information

- '2021 Prestige Shop' is changed to "2021/22 Prestige Shop'

- '2021 Prestige Token' is changed to "2021/22 Prestige Token'

- Availability period of '2021/22 Prestige Shop' has been changed

* Before: Available until 2021/12/29 00:00 UTC

* After: Available until 2022/12/22 00:00 UTC 

You can obtain the production and promotion blueprints for the new flagship RAVANA at 2021/22 Prestige Shop.

4. Four New Flagships

- Four new types of RAVANA Flagship with different weapon types are added. 

- You can only build one out of the four types of RAVANA Flagships. 

※ You cannot build or own 2 or more RAVANA Flagships. So, please choose carefully. 

Images of the RAVANA Flagships

Tactician Type
Fleet Attack Power +
Railgun Attack Speed +
Fleet Resistance +3%
Fleet Resistance +6%
Fleet Resistance +9%
Fleet Attack Power +
Beam Penetration +
Beam Range +5
Beam Range +10
Beam Range +15
Fleet Resistance +
Missile Accuracy +
Fleet Attack Power +1%
Fleet Attack Power +3%
Fleet Attack Power +6%
Fleet Penetration +
Cannon Attack Speed +
Fleet Resistance +3%
Fleet Resistance +6%
Fleet Resistance +9%

5. Others

- New Commander Event difficulty has been reduced. 

- Improvements have been applied where the Interspace report is displayed immediately by default when entering the mailbox from the Interspace page.

- Fixed the intermittent issue where the support fleet cannot be regrouped.

- Fixed the issue where waiting heroes at the Interspace Capital Supply Depot were shown on the Federation Exploration List.

- Fixed the intermittent issue related to the auto-trade operation where it does not proceed normally.

- Miscellaneous text, phrases, and errors have been fixed.

We hope that you enjoy this update! Thank you very much for your continuous support!