Hello Commander,

Here are the details of our upcoming maintenance schedule. Please note that during the server maintenance, you will not be able to access the game.

Note: As this is advance notice, the content and/or schedule may be subject to change depending on the circumstances. We'll notify you of any changes. 

Maintenance Schedule: 2021.09.01 (TBA)

1. T5 Flagship Equipment Upgrade

- Upgrade T4 equipment that has been enhanced to 30 or higher to T5

- In case of a successful upgrade to T5, 2 types of exclusive auxiliary effects are added

※ Note

- When upgrading to T5, the maximum enhancement level of the equipment is expanded to +50, and the maximum enhancement level will be expanded through flagship research.

- Detailed information related to the upgrade of the T5 flagship equipment will be provided through additional notice.

2. Interspace Feature Improvements and Changes

- Items related to T5 equipment have been added to the Faction Shop.

- Even if the option to join a faction is not available, the ability to join a faction where the federation leader has joined has been added.

- Refuge function that allows you to change your affiliation to another faction while maintaining your Interspace contribution has been added.

- Various other functions are further improved.

※ Note

- Regarding the interspace, improvements and content updates will be carried out continuously, and the first improvement will be applied to this update.

- Detailed information on the improvements of Interspace will be provided through additional notice.

3. Others

- The Eternal Tree events will be closed and new events will be available. 

- Minor issues confirmed will be fixed.

We will be posting more information about the update including the maintenance time on our next notice.

We will continue to do our best to provide you with interesting content and events. 

Thank you for your continuous support.