Here's how you can leave your current faction:

1. On the planet or universe view, tap the INTERSPACE icon located on the right part of the screen. 

2. On the Interspace page, tap your Commander Portrait located at the top left part of the page. 

3. Tap the WITHDRAW button to leave the faction. 


- The expedition fleet should be returned to the Capital before you can leave the faction. 

- A cooldown timer will activate upon leaving the faction. You will not be able to join a faction for 24-hours. 

- When you leave a faction, the organized expedition and the fleet in the Capital Depot are immediately disbanded and returned to your planet. Also, all faction contributions acquired until just before the resignation will be reset.

- When the expedition's assigned ships return to the planet, all the ship units that exceed the capacity of the Space Dock will be discarded. However, E.M.U. will issue ship purchase order items to 10% of the discarded units.