Interspace content is now available! Here are the basic guidelines to help you join and participate in Interspace. 


Step I. Requirements to enter Interspace

The following research projects are required to enter Interspace. 

1. Expedition Flagship Formation (Complete Lv. 1 Research)

- Increase max number of flagships in the expedition

- Effect: Lv. 1: 2 Flagships / +1 Flagship per level

2. Expedition Ship Formation (Complete Lv.1 Research)

- Increase max number of ships in the expedition (Proportional to Space Dock's ship capacity)

 - Effect: Lv. 1: 50% / +15%~20% increase per level


- Formation size is applied based on the capacity of the Space Dock facility level. 

- Buffs that increase the size using heroes, ministers, policies, and others are not included.

Where to find the research projects for Interspace?

- Research Facility > Fleet Management

Requirements to be able to perform the research projects?

1. Expedition Flagship Formation

- Research Facility Level 35 

- Complete Consistent Production II Research

2. Expedition Ship Formation

- Research Facility Level 35

- Complete Mass Production II Research

Once you have completed the 2 required research projects, you can now enter Interspace. 

Step II. Enter Interspace

To enter Interspace, tap the Interspace icon located at the right part of the screen just on top of your Universe/Planet icon. Upon entering the Interspace, galaxy activity will remain. The same applies when entering the galaxy, Interspace activity will remain. 

Step III. Select a Faction

You need to select and join a faction to be able to set up the expedition. 

- Tap the Select Faction button

- This will show you the factions available including the faction composition and occupation status. To select the faction, tap the faction's emblem, tap Join then OK to confirm.

There are four factions available. By looking at the Interspace map, you will be able to see the sectors and the faction's capital sector. 

1. Nebula Empire (Raysharc)

2. Empyrean Guild (Genoa)

3. Tetra AI (Moon)

4. Free Pirate Union (Skull)


You can only join 1 faction at a time. 

- If you plan to transfer to another faction, a cooldown timer of 24 hours will start. Once completed, you will be able to join another faction. 

- All contribution points gained will be reset when you leave the faction.

- You cannot join factions that have reached the max number of members. 

Step IV. Organize and Send Expedition to Tenebris

After joining the faction, you would need to set up your expedition fleet. To do so, tap the Organize Expedition button on the Interspace map.

Assign heroes

- Tap the Hero icon and select as many heroes for your expedition.

- To appoint the hero to your expedition, tap the Assign button. 


- Heroes assigned to the expedition cannot be assigned to any activities or facilities in the galaxy.

Assign flagships

- You can assign up to 6 flagships with tier 5 or higher depending on the level of your Expedition Flagship Formation Research. Tap the Assign button to select the flagship for your expedition. 


- By default, the first flagship you assign will be the carrier and the following flagships will be assigned to the expedition. The flagship tagged as 'Carrier' will be the flagship displayed on the maps (Interspace & Sector) and will also be the flagship assigned for your defense fleet. 

- If the flagship has crew members on board, they will automatically be included in the expedition setup (Tagged as 'On Board').

- To change the flagship assigned as the Carrier, tap the Carrier tab, select the flagship, then tap the Assign button to confirm.

Assign ships (Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship)

- Assign the total units for each ship type with tier 8 or higher by dragging the bar or tapping the number to input the quantity. Do not forget to tap the Save button. 

As you complete setting up your expedition, it's time to deploy them to Tenebris. Tap the Deploy icon. 

There is a fee to deploy the expedition. Make sure you have enough resources in your resource storage. Tap OK to confirm and deploy the expedition. It will take 5 minutes for the expedition to travel from your planet to Tenebris. 


- The expedition will travel from your planet to Tenebris for about an hour. 

- The expedition fleet will not consume the deployed fleet slots that you have.

- All assigned heroes, flagships, and ship units cannot be used in your galaxy activities. 

Step V. View Map

Once the expedition has entered the Interspace through Tenebris, tap the Interspace icon on your screen to show the current location of your expedition. 

To check your location in the Interspace map, tap the Interspace icon on your screen. 


- Sectors marked with the faction's emblem are occupied. 

- Sectors that do not have the emblem are in Neutral status. 

- Sectors that are red are in Invasion status. 

To check your location within the sector, tap the Sector icon on your screen. 

Step VI. Expedition Movement

To move to the area you have selected, tap the base (Gate/Outpost/Citadel/Capital) to show the menu then tap the Move button. 

Once you have moved to the area you have selected, tap the Sector icon on your screen to check the status of each base within the sector and to plan the route that you will take. 


- To enter another gate for the sector, you need to pass all the bases (Outpost/Citadel) leading the route to the gate that you want to enter. To be able to pass the base, it should be occupied by your faction. To do so, you need to capture the base by attacking the fleet currently occupying it. 

Now you have entered the sector, it's time to capture the bases!