Hello Commanders,

We would like to share the details of our upcoming maintenance schedule. Please note that during the server maintenance, you will not be able to access the game.

Maintenance Schedule: 2021.06.09 (01:00 ~ 03:00 AM UTC)

Note: As this is advance notice, the content and/or schedule may be subject to change depending on the circumstances. We'll post a notice if there are any changes.

1. Events - Lost Technology VI & VII, Rose Festival, Rose Festival Roulette

- Events will end on  2021-06-09 00:00:00 UTC

Note: Basic and Special Tokens from the previous collaboration event can be exchanged with a small number of resources.

2. New Events

Event Period: 2021-06-09 (after maintenance) - 2021-06-23 00:00:00 UTC

Memorials Week: Get rewards for the event by earning points and competing in the rankings!

E.M.U. is trying to revive the Memorials Week that was forgotten after the CRUX invasion and fallen of the Empire.

Memorial day will be an important event that will mourn those who have been sacrificed, and those who survived will reflect on the meaning of sacrifice and strengthen their will for the future of mankind. 

To this end, the E.M.U. has invested a considerable amount of money to prepare a flower called the "Tears of Grief" that will decorate the entire galaxy. 

However, it is said that the shipyard, which was preparing for transportation, was plundered by space pirates shortly after Memorial Day. 

Tears of Grief' is characterized by the flower turning into a beautiful jewel at a very low frequency after some time. The pirates seemed to be looting the flowers due to this reason.

In response, the E.M.U. asked the commanders for help to hold the event. 

Obtain 'Seed of Sorrow' from Resource nodes and put into the Plant Growth Promotion Kit and send them to E.M.U. and get the appropriate reward.

<Conditions in obtaining individual ranking points and event items>

- 1 Plant Growth Promotion Kit when defeating a Space Pirate

- 2 Plant Growth Promotion Kits when defeating a Wanted Pirate

- 3 Plant Growth Promotion Kits when defeating a Pirate Base

Note: To unlock and use the Plant Growth Promotion Kit, use the Seed of Sorrow item that you could obtain from harvesting resources (Metal, Thonium, Dark Matter).

- 1 Seed of Sorrow for every 15,000 harvested Metal

- 1 Seed of Sorrow for every 3,000 harvested Thonium

- 1 Seed of Sorrow for every 600 harvested Dark Matter

- 1 Point for obtaining 1 Tears of Grief

- 1,000 Points for obtaining 1 Tears of Sorrow
Note: These items can be obtained from the Plant Growth Promotion Kit. 

※ When you grow Tears of Grief, you can obtain Tears of Sorrow with a very low chance.

※ Obtained Tears of Grief and Tears of Sorrow can be exchanged with various rewards from the event shop.

※ To compete in the Individual rankings, a certain number of points should be achieved.

※ Acquire the 'Planet Skin : Hematite' by purchasing the PREMIUM PASS and completing the required event points.

Planet Skin : Hematite
(Unlock : Complete the first level for the event 'Memorials Week' and purchase the Premium Pass to obtain this skin.)

Planet Skin : Specularite
(Unlock : This is a reward for achieving the highest rank for the 'Memorials Week' event.)

EMU's Transient Exchange Center: Exchange 'Tears of Grief' & 'Tears of Sorrow' for various rewards!

This is a temporary exchange center opened by the EMU. Exchange 'Tears of Grief' & 'Tears of Sorrow' for various rewards!


3. Others

- Fixed minor errors and text

- Game optimization

- Previous collaboration event tokens remaining in your inventory can be exchanged with a small number of resources

Thank you to all our commanders for your continuous support!