Hello Commanders,

We would like to share the details for our upcoming update. Please note that during the server maintenance, you will not be able to access the game.

Maintenance Schedule: 2021.04.28 (01:00 ~ 05:00 AM UTC)

Note: As this is advance notice, the content and/or schedule may be subject to change depending on the circumstances. We'll post a notice if there are any changes.

1. Collaboration Eve Event

- The Collaboration Eve Event will end on 2021.04.28 00:00 UTC. Please claim your rewards from the event's page before the event ends. 

2. Collaboration Event

- Collaboration event will start after the maintenance on 2021.04.28. Additional details will be shared in a separate notice. 

3. New Flagship


Type: Striker

Weapon: Missile

Command Buff: 

  • Fleet Attack Power
  • Missile Firing Speed

Flagship Special Effect (T6):

  • Fleet Resistance +3%
  • Fleet Resistance +6%
  • Fleet Resistance +9%

4. Fleet Formation Changes



Changes in the Formation Buff:

  1. Attack Focus: All weapon damage +10% >>> All weapon damage + 30%
  2. Evasion Focus: All weapon evasion + 10% >>> All weapon evasion + 30%
  3. Double Fort: All weapon resistance + 10% >>> All weapon resistance + 30%
  4. Railgun/Beam Drill: Penetration + 30% >>> Penetration 45%
  5. All specialize weapons (Railgun, Beam, Missile, Cannon): Attack Power + 40% >>> Attack Power 50%
  6. Channel by weapon type (Railgun, Beam, Missile, Cannon): Critical Chance + 40% >>> Critical Chance 70%
  7. Evasion by weapon type (Railgun, Beam, Missile, Cannon): Evasion + 40% >>> Evasion + 60%
  8. Aiming by weapon type (Railgun, Beam, Missile, Cannon): Accuracy + 30% >>> Accuracy + 45%

※ Note

- The formation buff changes are applied to the default formation buff rate excluding the addition buff from research. 

We hope that you will be able to enjoy the game more strategically by changing the positions and buff values for some of the formations. Free ship enhancement reset (Ship Enhance Reset Module Type-δ) will be provided after the update. 

5. Others

- 'Start a new game' function will be changed to a one-time limit (to prevent multiple account creation).

- The galaxy view details will be modified.

- Increase text character limit to 320 when sending a message to Federation members.

- Several fleet formations have been improved.

- Issue that is impossible to go to the Galaxy view immediately after the first login daily or lag has been optimized.

- Image icon for existing special flagship modules will be updated. 

- CRUX ghost fleet overload status has been added. 

- Accounts that have been inactive for a long period will be deleted that meets all the conditions below:

  • Accounts with Command Center level 10 with no payment history and no login records for the past 6 months.
  • Deletion of inactive accounts is scheduled for May 3, 2021, without any maintenance required. 

- Pirate Base Battle where the hero's portrait appears as a blurry hero display on the report has been fixed.

- Minor bug fixes

- Added new servers