Starting in 2021, 2 weeks before the scheduled merger, several events will be available to help our commanders prepare for the scheduled merger. 

Server Merger Happy Hour

1. All AP Cost +X%

- Increase AP used for all AP-related contents such as Space Pirate, Wanted Pirate, Pirate Base, Alien Recon Fleet, Alien Main Fleet. 

2. Items from AP usage +X%

- Items/Rewards obtained from any contents that require AP are increased. This includes Space Pirate, Wanted Pirate, Pirate Base, Alien Recon Fleet, Alien Main Fleet.

3. Wanted posters consumed and rewards received when searching and sweeping wanted pirates +X%

- AP Cost, Wanted Posters, and Rewards when searching/sweeping Wanted Pirates are increased. 

4. Dimensional Energy usage for summoning Alien Fleet +X%

- Increase the dimensional energy used to summon the Federation's alien fleet.

5. Construction Speed +X% 

- Reduce construction duration.

6. Research Speed +X% 

- Reduce research duration.

7. Shipbuilding Speed +X%

- Reduce shipbuilding duration.

8. Federation Research investment's cooldown time -X minute(s)

- After completing the max instance of investing in Federation Research. a cooldown is set. The cooldown duration (Time Until Next Investment) is reduced.

Event: Prevention is better than cure

Objective: Use Action Point Items (AP 50/AP 100) and Ancient Wisdom to obtain points for the event. Complete the required points to claim the basic rewards. 

Note: Purchasing Premium Pass will unlock the Premium Rewards. It is necessary to complete the required event points to be able to claim the premium rewards. 

Please note that the information in this article may change without prior notice. 

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