Hello Commanders,

We would like to share the details for our upcoming update. Please note that during the server maintenance, you will not be able to access the game.

Maintenance Schedule: 2021/02/03 01:00 ~ 06:00 AM UTC

1. Server Merger

- Galaxy 29, 30, 31
- Info:


2. Event Notice

- Welcome 2021 I & II including the New Year 2021 Roulette will end on 2021/02/03 00:00 UTC. 

3. New Event - Bittersweet Event

Event Period: 2021/02/03 (after maintenance) ~ 2021/02/17 00:00 UTC

Event Shop Period: 2021/02/03 (after maintenance) ~ 2021/02/18 00:00 UTC

3.1. Bittersweet Challenge

- Collect Sweet Chocolate Boxes to obtain various rewards!

[Sample Image]

It's been a while since the galaxy celebrated the new year, but those who count the days with the lunar calendar are celebrating the new year soon. 

The culture in celebrating the lunar new year is quite famous in the galaxy too. 

They have family gatherings, have a warm conversation and meal, wish for the year's blessings, and spend precious time together. 

E.M.U. has decided to hold a festival to show their support. 

There will be various quests and rewards for making stronger fleets. Challenge those quests, strengthen your national power, and obtain lots of rewards! 

※ To compete in the Federation rankings, a certain number of points should be achieved.

※ If you leave the Federation after obtaining the ranking points, the points will be deducted from the total ranking points. (The ranking points will expire and the points will not be restored even if you rejoin the same Federation.)

3.2. Bittersweet I

- Receive various rewards by opening the boxes obtained from the Bittersweet Challenge!

[Sample Image]

Earn event points whenever you open a Bittersweet Event Token Random Box obtained by participating in the Bittersweet Challenge.

Rewards can be claimed based on the event progress achieved by collecting event points. Work hard to earn points, receive rewards, and compete in the rankings.

※ When you complete the required progress points and purchase the Premium Pass, you can obtain the Planet Skin : Red Beryl.

※ If you reach the top position for the rankings, you can acquire the special Planet Skin : Cordium.

※ To compete in the individual rankings, a certain number of points should be achieved.

3.3. Bittersweet II

- Exchange Sweet Chocolates for various rewards!

Exchange your Sweet Chocolate Tokens acquired from the Bittersweet Challenge event with heroes and other rewards!

※ Collect 10 DNA Elements and synthesize them to acquire the hero 'Hawkeye’ Chaeyoung.

4. Others

- Fixed the replay issue when viewed/played from the shared report on the Federation news.

- Fixed the issue where the [Open Report] was unsystematically displayed.

- Fixed the display issue with the Federation News' General tab when accessing the Federation page.

- Corrected the 'Available for Production' tag. After the collaboration event is over, the event flagship tag is shown as 'Event Ended'. 

- Other minor bug fixes and text corrections applied