Hello Commanders,

We will be sharing the details of our patch applied on 12/29 UTC. Please restart the game to apply the patch. 

Patch Details:

- Correct the description of the Special Skills for some collaboration event heroes in other languages

(Unbeatable Master Yang Wen-li, 'Emperor' Reinhard, Pretentious and Bold Attenborough)

- Fix the problem with the special skill border display for some epic heroes

(Delegator Jessica, Rose of the Blue Forest Annerose, Red Hair Kircheis)

※ Note

We apologize for the inconvenience that you're experiencing due to server instability and bugs that occurred after the recent update. We are working on the patch today and we will be providing compensations for the inconvenience. 

Compensation Details:

- Galactic Empire Tokens x 30

- Free Planets Alliance Tokens x 30

- Light Dimension Rift Catalyst Pack x 5

- Legend Hero Recruit Ticket x 10

- Advanced Skill Element x 300

- New-type Skill Element x 600

- Hero EXP 10K x 10

- DNA Element: A Grade x 50

- Fleet Mgmt 24h x 2

- Ship Build Speed Boost 15m x 240

- Ship Repair Speed Boost 15m x 240

- Special Flagship Promotion Blueprint x 1

※ Additional Info

- During the Trade Planet Occupation event on 12/27, commanders who suffered from additional damages due to server stability, please submit a ticket to our support team. We will individually check the details and respond to your concern. 

- We also ask for your understanding that it is necessary to receive a separate ticket as it is not possible to check all the battle history that occurred on the entire server caused by server instability. 

Submit Ticket to Support

We are very sorry for the inconvenience that you have experienced. We will do our best to provide better service. 

Thank you.