37th Update - Additional Info (Flagships - Changes with Buffs and Skills)

Hello Commanders,

There were changes applied to the event flagships' buffs and skills on our upcoming update on 2020-12-23. Please check the image to see the updated table.

For more information about our upcoming update - Legend of the Galactic Heroes x AstroKings collaboration event, please check the link below:


(O - with, X - w/o)
Buff #1Buff #2Special Skill (T6)
BrünhildTitanStrikerCannonOEnemy Fleet Destruction
(Maiden of the Air)
Cannon Attack Power
(Loser's Dignity)
Fleet Attack Power +3%

Fleet Resistance +1%

Fleet Attack Power +6%
BarbarossaTitanStrikerBeamXFleet Mobility
(Red Beard)
Beam Penetration
(Neutron Beam)
Fleet Evasion +2% 

Fleet Critical Chance +3%

Fleet Attack Power +5% 
HyperionTitanGuardianMissileOFleet Resistance
(Reversal Wrath)
Missile Penetration
(Total Shot!)
Fleet Durability +3%

Fleet Accuracy +3%

Fleet Durability +6% 
UlyssesMothershipGuardianRail GunXFleet Evasion
Fleet Damage Prevention
(Nullifier Particle)
Fleet Critical Chance +3%

Fleet Attack Power +6%

Fleet Durability +6%