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New Content - CRUX Ghost Fleet Info

1. Introduction

The CRUX Ghost Fleet is a new type of fleet sent to invade humanity. 

When humans first discovered it, all attacks were launched but the fleet did not disappear, so it was tagged as the CRUX Ghost Fleet.

The CRUX Ghost Fleet is a huge ship that was never seen before, and it was discovered that certain weaknesses could arise from the 'overloading' state shortly after warping.

The E.M.U. immediately shared the situation with its commanders and requested an attack on the CRUX Ghost Fleet.

At the same time, E.M.U. considers this opportunity for commanders to prove their strength and promote the growth of humanity. 

2. Progress

The CRUX Ghost Fleet unexpectedly appeared. With a warning system built in preparation for the frequent invasion of the CRUX, you can check the spawn time through the system.   

The coordinates of the CRUX Ghost Fleet location can be confirmed after it appears. 

The CRUX Ghost Fleet can be attacked a total of 10 times in 1 hour after its appearance.

When attacking the CRUX Ghost Fleet, this is specially conducted through individual rally than a rally attack with other commanders.

Please note that it is not possible to attack with other commanders.

3. Individual Rally

To attack the CRUX Ghost Fleet, you must attack through the individual rally. 

 - A commander can perform an individual rally using his/her fleets.

 - An Individual Rally can be formed by setting up as many fleets that a commander can operate alone. 

 - Each fleet must contain a flagship and a hero.

 - Regardless of the number of fleets in the rally, the number of attacks is deducted with every attempt. Reviewing and preparing your fleets before starting an attack is recommended.

When attacking the CRUX Ghost Fleet with your 'Individual Rally', the active planet protection shield will not be canceled. 

If there is no buff active to protect the planet when the entire fleet is set up for 'Individual Rally', it is recommended to activate a planetary protection shield.

4. Overload Condition    


This is the only attack point for the CRUX Ghost Fleet according to E.M.U.    


Upon appearance, each fleet is overloaded by a large warp with different overload conditions and states.    


Knowing the overload condition and targeting it strategically can do more damage.     


The overload conditions found so far are as follows:    


 - Reduced Railgun Resistance    

 - Reduced Beam Resistance    

 - Reduced Cannon Resistance    

 - Reduced Missile Resistance    



5. Ranking and Rewards    


When attacking the CRUX Ghost Fleet, a 'Participation Reward' is given to all commanders who participated.


In the case of inflicting high damages to the CRUX Ghost Fleet, the Ranking Achievement Reward' is given separately based on the ranking calculation.    

Ranking Achievement Rewards' is given from the 1st to 300th place.

The rewards are different for each ranking and the details are available through the CRUX Ghost Fleet information page.

Attack the CRUX Ghost Fleet to obtain higher rewards!