Hello Commanders,

We would like to share the details for our upcoming update. Please note that during the server maintenance, you will not be able to access the game.

Maintenance Schedule: 2020/11/25 (TBD) UTC

Note: As this is advance notice, the content and/or schedule may be subject to change depending on the circumstances. We'll post a notice if there are any changes.

1. New Content: CRUX Ghost Fleet

A new type of fleet, which appears to be a CRUX fleet, has emerged in the galaxy. It is said that this fleet could not be damaged no matter how much the EMU's reinforcement attacks. 

However, immediately after the warp, it's unprotected due to an overload condition, and it is a condition that cannot cause any damage to our humanity. 

Accordingly, the EMU's named it 'CRUX Ghost Fleet' and decided to retreat using their overload condition, and for this purpose, a focus attack was requested. 

Praying that the CRUX Ghost Fleet would retreat before it's out of defense. 

You have to focus all your power to attack. 

- CRUX Ghost Fleet is an immortal fleet. 

- You can find and attack the CRUX Ghost Fleet on the galaxy map. 

- A certain weakness may occur due to the warp sequelae. Use the weak points to inflict higher damages. 

- The rally for the CRUX Ghost Fleet can be formed using all the fleets that a commander can operate, and collaboration with other users is not possible. 

- The fleet set up in the rally must include a flagship and a hero. 

- Ranking is calculated based on the amount of damage inflicted on the CRUX Ghost Fleet and rewards can be received. 

※ Additional details about the CRUX Ghost Fleet will be announced together with the maintenance time on 11/25.

2. Empire Arena War 2.0 applied and season rank grade changed


- Empire Arena Rankings are divided into Cumulative and Competition grade

- Admiral grades are classified as cumulative grades, and higher grades are classified as competitive grades

- The matching list will be changed in a way that can be updated only if you play against all 5 opponents

- In the cumulative grade match, you will receive a winning streak bonus to quickly increase your ranking

- In the cumulative grade match, the function to discard the battle is supported

- Cumulative grade will not be reset even after the season ends

- Competitive grade is operated on a per-season basis, and at the start of each season, it is changed to cumulative grade to match the commander's ranking points

- If the ranking point is 32,000 or more at the end of the season, it will be adjusted to 32,000 at the start of the next season

- When matching competitive grade, an exclusive ranker ticket is used, and additional purchases cannot be made

- The rewards and selection rules for the highest rank grade ‘Competitive Grade’ will be changed as follows.

※ Note

- Current Season 4 - from Week 3, the rules of Empire Arena War 2.0 applies

- Seasonal settlement for Season 4 is applied in the Empire Arena War 2.0

3. Flagship Tier 7 (Postponed - Will not be included in the upcoming update on 11/25)

- The highest tier of all flagships has been expanded to tier 7 and level 70.

(Materials required to upgrade to Tier 7 flagships are the same type of materials as those required to upgrade to Tier 6 flagships, but the required quantity will increase.)

- Two or more special abilities are unlocked for each flagship.

- Some of the special abilities are unique, and powerful effects are applied under certain conditions.

(Brunhild and Helios' unique ability effects have different numerical values.)

- The number of crew members has increased to a maximum of 5 heroes.

※ For detailed stats of flagship effects and special abilities added to Tier 7 flagships, additional information will be announced along with maintenance time information.

4. Events

4-1. 2020 Thanksgiving Event

- The ongoing 2020 Thanksgiving events will end at 00:00 UTC on 2020/11/25.

- The 2020 EMU Event Support Center will remain open until 00:00 UTC on 2020/11/26.

※ Lollipop items can be exchanged for a very small amount of goods.

4-2. New Events - Cruxian Doll

[Event details]

- Cruxian Doll Part. I: Earn points by defeating the CRUX fleet or compete in the rankings to earn event rewards!

A request has been received from the E.M.U. commanders.

It is said that the CRUX fleet appeared in a form that has not been seen before. 

It will be a risk if we let them go. 

Find and destroy the newly discovered CRUX fleet and invaders, and get rewards from the supplies that E.M.U. captured from the CRUX.

The Cruxian Dolls are famous for their unusual shape in which another doll is repeatedly contained inside the doll. It is said that the captured LSMR box has other boxes inside.

There's a rumor that the more layers there are, the better the goods are.

1. You can get achievement and ranking points by participating in the CRUX Ghost Fleet battle, defeating the recon fleet, or opening the Crux LSMR Loot Box.

2. By accumulating achievement points, you can acquire the Crux Security Tokens to open the Crux LSMR Loot Boxes.

※ A certain number of points is required to be included in the rankings.

※ Obtain Crux Security Tokens and a large crystal box by purchasing Premium Pass and completing the required achievement points.

- Cruxian Doll Part. II - Perform various missions presented by EMU and earn points to get event rewards!

The E.M.U. is in search of commanders who can defeat the CRUX fleet and participate in the new campaign using the acquired Crux items.

This campaign is aimed at stabilizing the galaxy, and commanders who actively participate in this campaign will be rewarded with the Crux supplies.

In order to contribute to the campaign and earn rewards, the commanders must:

1. Invest in Federation Research and help Federation members

2. Defeat pirate bases

3. Use the Crux LSMR Loot Boxes

You can get achievement points by performing the missions above. Depending on the accumulated points, you can obtain Crux LSMR Loot Boxes.

※Crux Security Token is required to open the Crux LSMR Loot Boxes.

※Obtain Crux Security Tokens and Crux Technology Materials Supply Box by purchasing Premium Pass and completing the required achievement points.

4-3. Event rewards

- CRUX LSMR Loot Boxes, Optional Superior Flagship Blueprint Box, Supreme Trade Goods

5. Other

- From 11/25 ~ 12/2, the Black Friday special shop will be available.

- The design of the planet construction queue has been renewed to make it easier to see.

- A separate tab for viewing the announcements has been added to the mailbox.

- A guide on how to acquire hero skill elements and DNA elements has been added to the Academy.

- Academy hero sorting and filter functions have been improved.

- When you tap the sender's name in the received mail, you can see the commander's information.

- Artifact unlock conditions have been changed. (Unlocked when reaching Command Center Level 14 or acquiring Artifact items)

- When combining a large number of artifacts, the production has been simplified.

- A notification effect has been added to buildings where no planetary minister has been appointed.

- If the new user is below Command Level 20, the Federation cooldown time will be waived once.

- An error that occurred when receiving all BOOST packages has been fixed.

- An error where the number of flagships was incorrectly displayed in the report when scouting planets has been fixed.

- Minor bug fixes.

For the commanders who love and support ASTROKINGS, we value and accept the opinions and feedback from the commanders more so that we can provide better game service. 

Thank you.