Hello ASTROKINGS Commanders!

Here are the additional details for our upcoming maintenance and update on the 28th of October 2020. 

※ Please note that some of the content may be changed depending on the circumstances. If changes are made, we will notify you through our page and/or in-game message. 

Maintenance Schedule: 2020/10/28  (01:00~05:00 UTC)

※ Due to the ship enhancement reset, we will be activating a 12-hour shield after the maintenance to all planets. 

1. New Flagship - HECATE

HECATE Information

HECATE Special Skills

HECATE Promotion Blueprints and T6 Materials

Promotion Blueprint Source: Alien Main Fleet, Trade Planet Shop (Tau), Optional Flagship Blueprint Box

T6 Module Source: Alien Main Fleet, Empire Arena (Merit Shop)

※ Note

After the update, the HECATE promotion blueprint is added to the following Optional Flagship Upgrade Box and Optional Flagship Blueprint Box (including Superior):

- Daily login bonus reward

- Tenebris occupation reward and support supply center

- Event

- Alien fleet loot chest

- HECATE T6 Promotion Module will be added to the Optional/Random Flagship Promotion Module Box.

HECATE promotion blueprints and modules cannot be obtained from the boxes that you already have. These can only be acquired from the boxes received after the update.

2. Flagship T6 Additional Special Skills

3. Event - 2020 Halloween Event

Event Details - B: Defeat the Halloween Monsters and be part of the rankings! Ranking rewards await you! 

※ If you purchase the Premium Pass, you could acquire the Planet Skin - Thanatos. 

※ A certain number of points is required to compete for the individual rankings.

Planet Skin: Thantanos

4. Others

- Some special characters on the Commander’s Name are restricted [List: spaces using special characters, \, [\], (, @, #, $, %, ^, ", ",', ♞, etc.)]

※ Please note that the Commander’s Name may change if the corresponding character(s) is included in the Commander’s Name.

※ If you are using special characters for the existing Commander’s Name, please request a name change ticket through our support portal. (Commander Info > Settings > Contact Us > New Ticket)

Thank you.