Hello Commanders,

We would like to share the details for our upcoming update. Please note that during the server maintenance, you will not be able to access the game.

Maintenance Schedule: 2020/10/28  (01:00~05:00 UTC)

1. Events

1-1. The following events will be closed. 

- Resent I and II will end on 2020.10.28 00:00 UTC.

- ASTROKINGS Global Launch 777th Day Celebration Event will end on 2020.10.28 00:00 UTC.

※ ASTROKINGS Global Launch 777th Day Celebration Event Shop will be closed on 2020.10.29 00:00 UTC.

1-2. New Event - 2020 Halloween!

Event Schedule: 2020.10.28 (after maintenance) ~ 2020.11.11 00:00 UTC

Event Shop Schedule: 2020.10.28 (after maintenance) ~ 2020.11.12 00:00 UTC

Event Details - A:

Objective: Defeat the Halloween Monsters to obtain candies that you can exchange from the event shop. 

Hello Commander, got some Halloween candies?

Humans won’t be able to eat them anyway, so why don’t you give ‘em to me?

I’ll exchange ‘em for useful items. 

Event Details - B:

Objective: Defeat the Halloween Monsters and be part of the rankings! Ranking rewards await you! 

These despicable space pirates are now dressing in Halloween makeup and popping out everywhere. I will prepare handsome rewards in the order of defeating as many space pirates dressed in Halloween! I’m sick of seeing ‘em! Will you get rid of those space pirates?

※ A certain number of points is required to compete for the individual rankings.

Event Details - C:

Objective: Spin the lucky roulette and receive various rewards!

- Spin the roulette using the exclusive tokens on the event screen. 

- When spinning the roulette, the mileage is accumulated in proportion to the number of Halloween CRUX Dimension Tokens consumed. 

- Spinning the roulette for 5 consecutive times will earn you special points.

- When a certain number of points have been acquired, an opportunity to spin the special roulette consisting of only high-value rewards will be given. 

Event Rewards:

2. New Flagship - HECATE

※ The details for the new flagship will be shared separately.

3. Flagship Tier 6 Adjustments

- The trait value required to activate the 1st and 2nd Special Flagship Skills has been adjusted.

    1st Hero Trait: 90 >>> 60

    2nd Hero Trait: 60 >>> 40

- A 3rd special flagship skill has been added to all flagships. 

4. Ship Enhancement Reset

- Due to the flagship upgrade update, we will be resetting the non-flagships’ enhancements. 

- During the maintenance, all ship enhancements will be reset. 

- All resources and materials used for the enhancements will be sent to your mailbox. 


- Please note that used materials will be provided as optional enhancement materials so that our Commanders can perform the enhancements more flexibly through this reset.

- Damages may occur if you play the game without re-applying the ship enhancements after the reset. There may be more damages than before, so please be aware and apply the enhancements.

5. Others

- The efficiency of obtaining resource is improved by 25% (Harvesting speed and max number of resources increased by 25% per hour)

- A ship destruction rate of 0% for the happy hour event is added. (Event schedule will be announced separately)

- Renewed user interface for rankings, artifacts, and research

- URL link on in-game notice is added (Tapping the link will redirect to the site)

- New package: Hero Boost Package Subscription

- Fix the issue where a certain type of skills cannot be used in the Empire Arena battle

- Fix the issue where the new user galaxy transfer warning repeatedly displayed 

- Increased number of flagship slot by 1

- Other unused functions in the game are removed and optimization is applied

- Minor bug fixes

We will do our utmost best to provide a better game service to our Commanders. 

Thank you for your continuous support.