Hello Commanders,

We would like to share the details for our upcoming update. Please note that during the server maintenance, you will not be able to access the game.

Maintenance Schedule: 2020/10/14 01:00 AM ~ 05:00 AM UTC (4 hours)

1. Events

1-1. Genetic Research Institute Request IV & V

- These events will end on the 2020.10.14 00:00 UTC.

- Event shop will close on 2020.10.15 00:00 UTC.

- The ranking rewards will be automatically received on 2020.10.15 00:00 UTC.


- Please claim all the event's achievement rewards before the event ends. 

- To receive the Federation Ranking rewards, the player should be a member of the Federation until 2020.10.15 00:00 UTC.

1-2. Special Event - ASTROKINGS Global Launch 777th Day Celebration!

Event Period: 2020.10.14 (after maintenance) ~ 2020.10.28 00:00 UTC

Event Shop Period: 2020.10.14 (after maintenance) ~ 2020.10.29 00:00 UTC

Thank you to all the Commanders who have been a part of ASTROKINGS for 777 days.

To celebrate the 777th day of the global launch of ASTROKINGS, we have prepared an event where you could acquire tokens by defeating pirates and exchange them with awesome gifts!

Please continue to support ASTROKINGS, where adventures, strategies, and epic wars unfold in the vast universe.


- Defeat space pirates, wanted pirates, and pirate bases.

Event Rewards: E.M.U. Random Support Box

1-3. New Event - Resent I & II

Event Period: 2020.10.14 (after maintenance) ~ 2020.10.28 00:00 UTC

1-3-1. Resent I

What unfolded in front of us as we arrive at the target point was a 'hunting ground' where the one-sided slaughter took place.

We immediately warped here as soon as we heard about Babatunde's drug trafficking haunting the area. 

What is this mysterious ship that's hunting them?

The smugglers, who were known to be predators, are screaming and torn apart, and we're looking at the desperate hunting grounds of death without even breathing.

After a while, the fire stopped and only silence remained. It was only us and the hunters who were alive on the hunting ground.

"Hey, is there anyone out there?"

The girl's voice echoed out of nowhere on the still bridge.

"I am not a pirate, please could you help me?

Was the communication channel open? No, then whose voice was that?


- Defeat space pirates, wanted pirates, and pirate bases

- Use Nemesis' Slayer items

※ When you purchase the Premium Pass and acquire the required achievement points, 'Blade of Revenge' Nemesis can be recruited.

1-3-2. Resent II

The girl has witnessed the last breath of many pirates, however, her resentment is still not completely gone. Help her revenge by strengthening her DNA.


- Use the Mysterious Pirate's Charm items

※ When you purchase the Premium Pass, various items can be randomly acquired including DNA Element : 'Blade of Revenge' Nemesis and Gene Enhancement Pack - 'Blade of Revenge' Nemesis.

※ The Premium Pass for this event can only be purchased with the Premium Pass for the Resent I event.

Event Reward: "Blade of Revenge" Nemesis

Grade: S

Type: Battle

Stat: 105/30

Special Skill: Advanced Shooting Control System

Skill I: Target: Strongest

Skill II: Rapid Fire

2. Server Merger 

Tap this link for more info - Server Merger G#25 + G#26


- A 2-hour shield will be activated after the maintenance. If you have an active shield, this will extend the duration of your shield by 2 hours.

We hope that you enjoy all the new events! Thank you for your continuous support!