I. How to unlock the Artifact feature?

The Artifact icon will be available once you have acquired the Unidentified Relic. This item can be randomly obtained when you defeat a wanted pirate (Warp Gate) with a threat level of 5 or higher. 

Unidentified Relic

Artifact Icon

II. Artifact Systems

There are 5 types of Artifact Systems. Each system is consists of Active and Passive effects that provide additional buffs. 

The passive effect depends on which Core Artifact is installed in the system and this is automatically applied if all required core and general artifacts were equipped. While the active effect is applied manually by tapping the Activate button. 

Each artifact system can be unlocked by achieving the required Command Center level indicated.

1. Dimensional Resources Concentrator (Dim. RSS Concentrator)

Active: Obtain resources

Passive: Increase gold and metal production (MD Portal Connector) / Reduce construction cost (Auto-harvest Device)

2. Construction Management AI (Const. MGMT. AI)

Active: Reduce construction time

Passive: Increase harvest speed (Mgmt. AI Module) / Reduce construction time Holo Const. DB)

3. Penetration Wide Range Scanner (Pen. WR Scanner)

Active: Increase rewards for defeating space pirates and pirate bases

Passive: Increase frigate durability (X-ray LW Launcher) / Increase fleet durability (LW Data Analyzer)

4. Fleet Tactic AI

Active: Increase fleet's attack power and durability

Passive: Increase destroyer durability (Combat AI Module) / Increase damaged ship storage (Active Battle DB)

5. Dimensional Spectroscope (Dim. Spectroscope)

Active: Increase marching speed

Passive: Increase cruiser durability (Fleet Portal Generator) / Increase fleet attack power (Portal Navi Rig)

III. Install & Combine General and Core Artifact

Artifacts, both core and general, must be installed/equipped to the system to activate the effect. This consists of 3 ~ 6 general artifacts and 1 core artifact.

The artifacts can be acquired from Wanted Pirates, Alien Fleet, and Dimension Rift rewards. 

To combine artifact, 2 of the same type and level could be combined to acquire a higher-level artifact. Gold resources are consumed when you combine artifacts. All artifacts can be combined up to 10 levels. 

IV. Buff Effect Level

Unlocking the higher level for the artifact system's active/passive effect will provide an increase in terms of duration or buff percentage. To unlock the level, higher tier core and general artifacts should be equipped. The current level for active effect is highlighted in green and brown for passive effect. 

For more details about the Artifact system, tap the '?' icon on your Artifact page.