Hello Commanders,

It has come to our attention that there are unofficial services that are not linked to AN Games, Google Play Store, nor Apple App Store where packages are being offered at a lower price. Using such services to purchase in-game packages or acquire an AstroKings account is prohibited in our game and could lead to permanent suspension of the account.

We encourage our Commanders to use your login to create an account and purchase in-game items directly from Google Play Store or Apple App Store to prevent any issues with your purchase or account.

Confirmed cases related to the following will be permanently suspended or blocked from the game:
- Accounts that are received, given, sold, or purchased from another person
- In-app purchases that were refunded from Google Play Store where the purchased items were not retrieved from the account by our management
- Accounts that have availed or used any unofficial services that are not related to AN Games - purchasing packages for a discounted price from another source.

Note: Refunds for AstroKings Google Play Store purchase can only be requested from AN Games.

Thank you.