Hello Commanders,

We would like to share the details for our upcoming update. Please note that during the server maintenance, you will not be able to access the game.

Maintenance Schedule: 2020/09/16 01:00 AM ~ 05:00 AM UTC (4 hours)

The scheduled has been moved on 2020/09/17 01:00 AM ~ 05:00 AM UTC (4 hours). 

1. Server Merger

- Server Merger Info

2. Flagship Tier 6 Upgrade & Crew System

- The ability to promote the flagship to Tier 6 and board senior crew members will be added in this update. 

T6 Flagship Upgrade Details:

- A new stat required to activate the Flagship effect is applied to the hero. This stat is composed of 4 different types of traits. The hero can have 1 to 2 traits. 

- For S grade heroes, the type and number of disposition stats are fixed, and for C~A grade heroes, the type and value of the disposition stats are applied differentially according to grade. 

- The disposition value increases according to the level of the hero's strength. 

The increased numerical value is applied variably depending on the level of reinforcement in steps 1~3, and reinforcement steps 4~6, and 7~9. 

In order to promote a flagship to T6 or higher, new upgrade materials are required in addition to the existing flagship upgrade materials. 

Upgrade materials for T6 or higher can be obtained as rewards for combating the main alien fleet and through the Empire Arena's Merit Shop. 

- The [Flagship Special Skill] menu has been added to the Flagship Factory facility. 

Through the [Flagship Special Skill] menu, you can board a crew member on each Flagship, or check the crew boarding and effect activation status. 

3. Empire Arena Improvements

- A quick battle function will be added. 

- The concern about the defending side was at a disadvantage due to different skill usage conditions has been improved. 

(1) The battle proceeds the same as the normal battle for the attacking side.  

(In Empire Arena, all conditions related to the hero's skill are applied the same as the normal battle.)

4. New Event - EMU Support Campaign I & II

Event Period: 2020-09-16 (after maintenance) ~ 2020-09-30 00:00 UTC (14 days)

3-1. EMU Support Campaign I

It is said that the EMU is conducting a campaign to support the Commanders who are working on rebuilding their planet.

For 5 days, complete the daily missions and earn various rewards!

During the event period, you can complete the daily missions and earn the "E.M.U. Support Campaign Token".

[Event Details]

1. For 5 days, complete the daily missions and earn various rewards. 

2. If you complete the mission, you can acquire the "E.M.U. Support Campaign Token". 

3. Using the item "E.M.U. Support Campaign Token" will earn you event points for the Campaign II event. 

3-2. EMU Support Campaign II

Use "E.M.U. Support Campaign Token" to earn event points and receive special rewards. 

Optional T4 SE Flagship Equipment Blueprint Box, Recombinant DNA Element, Crystal Royal Box, and more!

-Purchasing the Premium Pass will unlock the Premium Rewards. Please note that you would need to complete the required points for each milestone to be able to claim both the regular and premium rewards. 

4. Others

- T4 Federation Research will be added to this update. 

- The verification feature will be improved. 

- Alien fleet notification UI will be improved. 

- Opening random box items at once will have a limited quantity (Unlimited >> 200)

- Added help information for using the chat system. 

- Minor bugs will be fixed or corrected. 

- Fixed the display issue with Combat Rating UI on battle reports.


- In relation to the Flagship upgrade update, we are preparing to conduct a ship enhancement reset. The schedule will take place in October after the preparation has been completed. 

- A 2-hour shield will be activated after the maintenance. If you have an active shield, this will extend the duration of your shield by 2 hours.