Hello Commanders,
This is SUNNY, Project Director of ASTROKINGS.
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the Commanders who participated in our community event where you have shared your suggestions about ASTROKINGS. I’d like to give an overview of the major responses gathered as a result of the event. Over 300 Commanders participated in the event and our team reviewed all your suggestions. As a summary, here are the top 10 suggestions we’ve received:
1. Item trading between users 
The most suggested feature is the item trading function between users and this has been discussed internally several times but there are many factors to consider regarding this feature such as the trading system structure, economic balance, and changes in the game classification or content. In the long run, we’d like to see this function in the game. 
2. Planetary Shield Protection
There are concerns about the available shield durations in the game where it is only available in 1hr, 8hr, and 24hr. Good news! We will be adding 4hr and 12hr options soon! 
3. Auto-hunting Function (Pirates)
We are fully aware that many of you are tired of hunting pirates daily. To alleviate this situation, we are considering to add the auto-hunt feature to certain content. However, we’ll approach this matter with the utmost care, as this might compromise the excitement and growth of the game. 
4. 1-min Rally - Pirate Base
Before I start with the explanation, I’d like to mention that the Pirate Base was designed to fight in cooperation with the Federation members. 1 minute is a very short time for Federation members to gather and our team believes that officially supporting the 1-minute rally is contrary to the original purpose. Nevertheless, this was suggested by many because it’s too much work to cooperate with members. So, while reviewing the improvement plan to facilitate more collaborative attacks, utilizing the original intent of the feature, we are also considering to provide the ability to immediately deploy the fleet only if certain conditions are met. 
5. Item Exchange/Delete Function (Unnecessary Items)
I think this is the same context as the item trading function. However, as I explained above, the item trading functions has several difficulties, so we will first consider how to add the item delete function to organize the items that are accumulated in the inventory.
6. Improvements in Harvest
AstroKings not only requires an enormous amount of resources to become stronger as the level increases but also the resources that can be harvested are relatively low. This is partly intended, but I think the excessively low harvest efficiency can reduce the fun in the game. Therefore, we will review the adjustments of the number of resources that can be obtained from the harvest site. 
7. Maintain Shield Buff (Pirate Base)
Currently, when you attack a pirate base, this will remove the effect of the planetary shield. This is because rally attacks are structurally related to the PvP (Player-vs-Player Combat). It is intended to create a situation that is not protected against enemy invasion when attacking the other enemy, making it a more exciting and interesting space battlefield. 
Since there is a need for these risks to some extent, as well as the desire to safely target the Pirate Base, our team will be considering adding extra content to make the federation cooperative hunting more secure.
8. Recovery of Hero Skill Element Items
This is one of the features that many users have been requesting. That’s why we continued to review this internally. Because this feature is closely intertwined with the Crew Boarding System that is currently in the process of being added to our upcoming update, it is not possible to commit to this idea at the moment but we are considering adding a way to recover some of the skill elements used and add ways to easily acquire the skill elements. 
9. Federation Alliance
AstroKings is a space war game and a very political game. 
Nevertheless, the diplomatic means between the federations are inadequate, which is causing inconvenience. Our team has confirmed the needs of our Commanders through this event and plans to review the Federation's diplomatic functions as a high priority update task.
10. Decorative Elements 
Next, many Commanders have requested to add various decorative elements. Providing a way to customize commander portraits, planet skins, and the fleet’s appearance is also an important goal of our team and we will do our best to meet your expectations. 
In addition, we are also reviewing suggestions such as reducing the ships’ production time, ship enhancement reset, diversifying events, improving the Academy UI, and strengthening Astronest functions. 
We are discussing the suggestions you have provided so that it can be reflected in the update as soon as possible, and we plan to gradually step forward to meet the needs of our community so that the game can be enjoyed by our Commanders. 
We look forward to your continuous support for ASTROKINGS!

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,

PD Sunny

Project Director of ASTROKINGS