Hello Commanders,

We would like to share the details for our upcoming update. Please note that during the server maintenance, you will not be able to access the game.

Maintenance Schedule: 2020/07/22 01:00 AM ~ 06:00 AM UTC (5 hours)

Maintenance Details:

1. Genetic Research Institute Request Ⅰ~ Ⅱ

- This event will be closed. Please claim your rewards for this event before the maintenance. 

2. New Event: Genetic Research Institute Request Ⅲ

Event Period: 2020/07/22 (after maintenance) ~ 2020/08/05 00:00 UTC

You can exchange event items with resources after the event ends.

2.1. Genetic Research Institute – Request Ⅲ


- Defeat Space Pirates, obtain points and tokens, and receive various rewards!

The budget allocated to the Genetic Research Institute was drastically reduced due to E.M.U.'s retrenchment. Eventually, research vessels that traveled to various parts of the galaxy and studied genes were unable to pay for the mercenaries escorting them. The protests sent to the E.M.U. of the anxious researchers were ignored, and even the mercenaries who escorted them ignored the researchers' requests and left. It is dangerous if the DNA research data falls in the wrong hands, and the researchers are aware of it, so they are asking the nearest planetary commanders for help. If you help escort the research vessels, you may be able to share some of their valuable DNA research data.


1~3 points for defeating Space Pirates/2 Guard Contribution Token

2~4 points for defeating Wanted Pirates/3 Guard Contribution Token

3~5 points for defeating Pirate Base/5 Guard Contribution Token

1 point when you obtain 1 Guard Contribution Token

You have to obtain a certain number of event points to be on the ranking list.

2.2 Genetic Research Institute – Request Ⅲ Event Hero

'Great Man' Roth

Special Skill: [SP] Fleet Marching Speed Increase

Skill 1: Fleet Organizer

Skill 2: Counselor

3. Artifact Active Effect Buff Increase

Active Skills for the following Artifact System will be increased:

  • Dim. RSS Concentrator
  • Pen. WR Scanner
  • Fleet Tactic AI
  • Dim. Spectroscope

- After the maintenance, all artifacts will be ready for use except for Dim. RSS Concentrator and Const. Mgmt. AI

- All effect time and cooldown time will be reset.

4. Tenebris Battle Merit Token

4.1 Tenebris Battle Support Supply Center

- You will not be able to receive event points from Tenebris battle.

- Event points that you already have will be exchanged to ‘Guard Contribution Token’ with a 1:1 ratio.

- You will be able to purchase items with tokens, and there will be no changes in price.

- You will receive a Guard Contribution Token for Tenebris Battle participation.

- The maximum number of Guard Contribution Token that you can obtain is 500,000 tokens.

5. Others

- Server Merger G19+G20 & G22+G23

- Attack Alert On/Off function will be improved – Turn off certain attacks from the radar

- Macro/Bot prevention system improvement

- Chat system guideline update

- 'Senior Secretary' Cordelia DNA will be added on 7-day attendance rewards

- Minor bug fixes