Hello Commanders,

We would like to share the details for our upcoming update. Please note that during the server maintenance, you will not be able to access the game.

Maintenance Schedule: 2020/07/08 01:00 AM ~ 04:00 AM UTC (3 hours)

Maintenance Details:

1. Beatriz’ Journey 

- This event will be closed. 

- ‘Time to Dismantle’ event will be closed on 2020/07/09 0:00 AM UTC.

2. New Event: Genetic Research Institute Request

Event Period: 2020/07/08 (after maintenance) ~ 2020/07/22 00:00 UTC

2.1. Genetic Research Institute – Request I

“The budget allocated to the Genetic Research Institute was drastically reduced due to E.M.U.'s retrenchment. The Genetic Research Institute faced an unprecedented serious financial crisis. Due to these difficulties, the institute is looking for outsourcing options. Of course, the rewards will be DNA elements. If it falls into the wrong hands... I can't even imagine what will happen. You need to help the Genetic Research Institute and obtain DNA elements.”


- Solve daily quests and receive rewards!

1. Solve daily quests and receive Research Institute's Top Secret

2. When you obtain ‘Research Institute's Top Secret’ you can also obtain Genetic Research Institute - Request Ⅱ' event progress points.

3. When you finish all the requests you can obtain the final reward.

2-2. Genetic Research Institute – Request II

Obtain ‘Research Institute's Top Secret’, recruit and upgrade heroes!

1. When you obtain the ‘Research Institute's Top Secret’ token, you can obtain one progress point. 

2. When you purchase Premium Pass, you can obtain one S Grade hero. 

2-3. Genetic Research Institute – Request I & II Event Rewards

DNA Carrier, Optional Superior Flagship Blueprint Box, Recombinant DNA Element

Note: The event tasks can be completed within the event period. 

3. New Heroes

- 2 new heroes will be added

3.1. 'Lancer' Sieghart

- Special Skill: Cannon Attack Speed Increase

Skill 1: Overload

Skill 2: Aiming Specialist

3.2. ‘Senior Secretary’ Cordelia

- Special Skill: Increases AP Recovery

- Skill 1: Research Personnel

- Skill 2: Administration Aide

4. Battle Fever System

- When you attack another commander or the Federation's Astronest, it will automatically declare war. 

1. When you declare war, all fleet attack power increases by 3%, but you will be unable to use the Planetary Shield Buff.

2. 'Declare War' state stays for 10 minutes, and when you do additional attack, the battle fever also renews.

3. The Battle-declaration buff shows as a buff icon on the top part of the screen.

5. Improvement on Federation's rally battles

-  Federation's rally battles logic will be improved. 

※ After the maintenance, the issue that when a strong member and a weak member of the federation send a rally makes the fleet comparatively weaker will be resolved.

6. Macro/Bot prevention

- To prevent obtaining resources by using Macro/Bots, a new system will be added.

During the gameplay, the function that verifies if you are using macros will pop up on the screen.

The account must take the appropriate action to prove that the account is not using a bot or the game will be closed.

However, considering the emergency situation such as battles, 15 minutes grace period will be given. Complete the confirmation within 15 minutes.

※ When the account has been confirmed that it's not using macros, the account can obtain a small number of rewards. 

7. Council and VIP Level Expansion 

- VIP Level will increase up to Level 20.

- When you upgrade the Commander Center to level 45, the Council level also increases up to level 50.

8. Flagship Equipment quantity restriction

- The quantity limit will be adjusted to 999. 

※ When you obtain equipment other than crafting, you still can receive the equipment but you won’t be able to craft equipment from the crafting page. (You have to disassemble equipment to craft more)

9. Others

- Event UI will be improved

- When you click the National Power, you can see the guideline on how to increase your National Power

- Battle scene from the galaxy map will be improved

- Apple Account Link will be added due to App Store Policy Change

- Community and Tip links from the Game Option page will be added

- New Commander's event rewards will be adjusted

- Cannon buff display error will be fixed

- Some of NPC's Shock Release skill from the Dimension Rift was not normally applied. The fix for this issue might adjust some of the waves' difficulty

- Minor bug fixes