Hello Commanders, 

We would like to share the details for our upcoming update. Please note that during the server maintenance, you will not be able to access the game.

Schedule: 2020/06/24 01:00 AM ~ 06:00 AM UTC (5 hours)

Maintenance Details:

1. Server Merger

You can check the details here:

- In-game: Commander Info > Settings > Contact Us > Announcement > Server Merger (2020/06/24 UTC)

- Support Porta: https://astrokings.freshdesk.com/en/support/solutions/articles/43000579901-server-merger-2020-06-24-utc- 

2. Minor fixes and server optimization

3. New In-game Event

'Dismantler' Beatriz (Type A version)

'Dismantler' Beatriz (Type B version)

3.1. Event Details

Event Period: 2020/06/24 (after maintenance) ~ 2020/07/07 03:00 PM UTC

Event Store will be available until 2020/07/08 03:00 PM UTC

Note: Remaining event token can be exchanged with consolation resource items after the event ends. 

Objective: Challenge quests and collect event tokens to earn a random S-class combat hero recruit ticket. 

1. Earn event points by clearing the quests listed. 

2. With adequate event points, you could obtain random items from the rewards list. 

Note: Obtained rewards will be removed from the list. If all rewards were claimed, you would need to use the refresh feature to update the rewards list. 

3. Collect 70 ‘Scrap’ tokens to be able to purchase the DNA Element: ‘Dismantler’ Beatriz from the Event Store. 

Note: For the Federation Ranking event, the Federation has to have a certain number of points for participation.

3.2. Event Rewards

DNA Element : ‘Dismantler’ Beatriz, Optional Superior Flagship Blueprint Box, Recombinant DNA element

‘Dismantler’ Beatriz (S-grade Hero)]

- Battle 105/Admin 30

- Special Skill: Increase Enemy Fleet Destruction Rate when defending the planet

- Skill 1: Evasion Specialist

- Skill 2: EMP 

4. Deletion of Inactive Accounts

- Accounts that meet all the criteria will be deleted. Conditions are as follows:

a. Command Center level 10 or lower

b. Accounts with no payment history

c. Accounts that have no login records for the past 6 months

If there are changes or updates related to the upcoming maintenance, we will notify you through our page and/or in-game announcement. 

Thank you very much!