Hello Commanders,

This is SUNNY, Project Director of ASTROKINGS.

Our development team is committed to making the next update more fun and exciting, thanks to the support that you have shown on our recent Legend of the Galactic Heroes Collaboration.

Today, we will share the updated plan with the progress that was released at the beginning of this year.

1. Improvement on Federation's rally battles

As part of our commitment at the beginning of the year, we are preparing a solution to the problem of improving the logic of the Federation's battle.

The goal is to have better cooperation among the Federation members by allowing low power/level federation members to even participate in the rally and be of actual help. The content will be updated soon.

2.Macro/Bot prevention

In the meantime, many commanders gave us feedbacks about unfair gameplay using macros.

Our team believes that new content updates are important, but it is also important to resolve the unfairness.

It took a little while, but we will soon reflect on the solution in the update, and we will continue to listen to our commanders' opinions for fair gameplay.

3. Battle Fever

Battle-declaration buff is one of the things that has been demanded by many commanders for improvement, and it is a system that limits the shield use right after the PVP attack.

When this system is added, when a commander declares war and attacks another planet, the attack power increases slightly for a short time, but will also not be able to use the shield.

It prevents a commander attacks the enemy and immediately uses the shield, so it gives responsibility for the attack and to make a fairer PVP battle.

4. Artificial Fleet Battle

Imperial Artificial Fleet Battle allows commanders to fight against other commanders from all galaxies (server).

It will be the best content for those commanders who are already in the strongest state in the galaxy, as well as the commanders who wanted to enjoy and practice the fleet strategy plan, and this will be presented to you soon.

5. Flagship System Expansion

Our development team is preparing content that can upgrade the flagship to a more strategically usable direction, and we are also reviewing the crew system to improve the role of the flagship.

When this system is introduced, when a user attacks the planet of another user, it is temporarily declared war, and the attack power is slightly increased for a short period of time, but the shield cannot be used.

It aims to put some responsibility on the attacking behavior by placing some restrictions on attacking the enemy and immediately using the shield so that even a fairer PVP battle can be achieved.

Our development team is doing our best to show you this soon.

6. 2 years anniversary Event

We will have two years anniversary in August.

Thank you for staying with us for the last two years, and we are preparing a lot of content and events for the two-year anniversary update.

In addition to that, our dev team is discussing hero skill element extraction, Hero list organize improvement, and we are constantly monitoring the inconveniences and commanders' suggestions and trying to actively reflect those in upcoming updates.

However, since the development resources are limited, the change may feel somewhat slower, so we are asking your generous understanding.

I am deeply grateful to all commanders for the continuous support for ASTROKINGS and for sharing your feedback and suggestions.

Also please participate in this survey for a better experience.

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Thank you.

Best regards,

Sunny Choi

Date: June 2020