Hello Commanders,

We would like to share the details for our upcoming update. Please note that during the server maintenance, you will not be able to access the game.

Schedule: 2020/05/26 (18:00 ~ 21:00 PDT)

31st Update Details:

I. Legend of the Galactic Heroes Collaboration

- Legend of the Galactic Heroes Collaboration Event will be closed.

- After the maintenance, you will not be able to obtain the heroes, Flagships, and planet skin related to this collaboration event. You can exchange Legend of the Galactic Heroes items with consolation items.

- Summoning Alien Fleet using the Unidentified Dimensional Energy will not be available after the maintenance. We recommend using the Unidentified Dimensional Energy before the maintenance. This will not be converted to items and will be removed. 

II. Requiescat In Pace Event

Schedule: 2020/05/26 (after maintenance) ~ 2020/06/09 17:00 PDT

- After the event, you can exchange the event tokens with consolation items.

Event Objective: Compete with other Federations through rankings to earn points and obtain rewards through tokens.

Story: The memorial day will be an important event that will mourn those who have been sacrificed, and those who survived will reflect on the meaning of sacrifice and strengthen their will for the future of mankind. To this end, the E.M.U. has invested a considerable amount of money to prepare a flower called the "Tears of Grief" that will decorate the entire galaxy. However, it is said that the shipyard, which was preparing for transportation, was plundered by space pirates shortly after Memorial Day. 'Tears of Grief' is characterized by the flower turning into a beautiful jewel at a very low frequency after some time. The pirates seemed to be looting the flowers due to this reason.

In response, the E.M.U. asked the commanders for help to hold the event. Reclaim the flowers that pirates have plundered, or collect the flowers again and send them to E.M.U. to help ensure that the event is held and get the appropriate rewards.

[Federation Ranking Point | Token Qty]

- Defeat Space Pirates (2~4 Point/1 Token)

- Defeat Pirate Base (4~6 Point/1 Token)

- Defeat Wanted Pirates (2~4 Point/1 Token)

- Harvest Metal (1 Point per 7500 /1 Token)

- Harvest Thonium (1 Point per 1500 /1 Token)

- Harvest Dark Matter (1 Point per 300/1 Token)

- Obtain 1 ‘Tears of Grief’ (1 Point)


S-grade DNA Element Random Box

- Can randomly obtain (1) S-grade DNA Element

- Does not include the S-grade Event Heroes

Optional Superior Flagship Blueprint Box

- Obtain (1) Optional Flagship Blueprint Box or (1) Special Flagship Promotion Blueprint

Recombinant DNA Element

- DNA Element that can be used to strengthen your S-grade Heroes

III. Artifact Special Restoration Event

- 2x the chance to obtain Core Artifact through restoration

Special Restoration Period: 2020/05/26 ~ 2020/06/02 20:00 PDT

IV. Others

- Unlocks the restricted area at the bottom of Tenebris

- Growth Package percentage has been modified

- Improve method in checking National Power

- Improve Council feature

- iPhone SE2 high-resolution error has been fixed

- Fix dimension rift issue

- Minor bug fixes