The 'Extract DNA' feature is only available for S-grade heroes. This feature only appears if you have the same S-grade hero type (for example, 2 'Architect' Layla). 

To extract the DNA of the hero, you would need to go to the Academy facility > Manage Heroes > Select the hero. If the hero is eligible for DNA extraction, you will see the 'Extract DNA' button. 


- If the hero is appointed as a minister, you would need to recall the hero first.

- If the hero is locked, the Extract DNA feature will not appear. Unlock the hero to show the Extract DNA button.

Once you tap the Extract DNA button, this will give you a confirmation message, and to confirm the action, you would need to tap the Extract DNA button again.

Once you've confirmed the action, you will immediately receive the DNA Element together with the Hero EXP and skill elements that you've used to level up the hero. 

If no EXP and skill elements were used, you will only receive the DNA Element.