Hello Commanders,

We would like to share the changes and additional information about our upcoming update. Please refer to the list below:

Maintenance Date: 2020/04/28 18:00 ~ 23:00 PDT

I. Dimension Rift Battle Entry Limit - Increased from 10 to 20.

II. Flagship slot from the Flagship Factory will have 2 additional slots.


III. Collaboration Exclusive Flagship Specification - Brünhild and Hyperion

a. Galactic Empire Collaboration Flagship - Brünhild

Class: Titan - Striker Type

Weapon: Cannon

Command Buff: 

- Lady’s Aura [Increase Increase Critical Chance]

- Feuer! [Increase Fleet Cannon Attack Power]

b. Free Planets Alliance Collaboration Flagship - Hyperion

Class: Titan - Guardian Type

Weapon: Missile

Command Buff: 

- Shield of Liberty [Increase Fleet Resistance]

- Bullet Launch [Increase Fleet Missile Attack Power]

c. Flagship Details

1. Building Collaboration Special Flagship

- Need Flagship Blueprint for building the Collaboration Flagship

- Blueprint Source:

· Brünhild Blueprint: Galactic Empire Dimension Rift

2. Collaboration Flagship - Enhancement

- Collaboration Flagship enhancement is the same as the regular flagships.

- Can enhance the Collaboration Flagship level with Flagship enhancement module items.

3. Collaboration Flagship - Tier 

- For Flagship tier, you need the same Promotion Kit, Research Data, and the item called ‘Special Flagship Promotion Blueprint “.

- Item Source:

a. Galactic Empire Store & Free Planets Alliance Store from the Collaboration Event

b. Collaboration Wanted Posters

c. Collaboration Federation Alien Fleet (Defeat Galactic Empire fleets, defeat Free Planets Alliance fleets)

IV. Collaboration Flagship - Command Buff & Equipment

- Can use the same Commander Buff Enhancement Modules for level up, and install the same equipment like other flagships.

a. Flagship Promotion Blueprint

Can obtain blueprint on the first win for the stage

- Brünhild Blueprint:  Galactic Empire Dimension Rift [Easy] 2-5 

- Hyperion Blueprint: Free Planets Alliance Dimension Rift [Easy] 2-5 

b. Hero DNA

‘New Talent in a New Era' Hildegard: Galactic Empire Dimension Rift  [Easy]/[Normal]/[Difficult] 6-5 Can obtain from the first defeat

‘Competent Lieutenant' Frederica: Free Planets Alliance Dimension Rift [Easy]/[Normal]/[Difficult]6-5 Can obtain from the first defeat

V. Others

1. Mileage Epic Hero Recruit will still be available for use. When you recruit Epic heroes with mileage, you can recruit Epic Heroes that you do not own. When you have every Epic heroes, you will receive 10 DNA Element of one random hero.

2. When you extract duplicated hero DNA, the hero will be removed but can obtain DNA elements that you have used for hero recruitment or upgrade. You can also receive all the hero’s EXP items and new skill elements.

3. You can send certain heroes to the council from the hero recruitment page. 

4. Wanted Pirates Sweeps will be increased from 10 to 20.

5. 2020 Cherry Blossom Challenge Event Token can be exchanged with Thonium 5k.