In the distant future... one man begins a story by reminiscing an old memory that is now in vain.

Through the ambition, conspiracy, and betrayal, one can't yield to the heroes who run toward their respective goals.

The moment of the conflict is approaching...

The masters of the Free Planets Alliance, "Yang Wen-Li" and the enemy of the Galactic Empire, "Reinhard von Lohengramm", each of them fleeing the space fleet for the ultimate purpose of defending the democracy and achieving supremacy. 

The alliance between "Legend of the Galactic Heroes" and "AstroKings" has just begun. 

 "Legend of the Galactic Heroes" Collaboration Event Period: April 29, 2020 ~ May 27, 2020 UTC

We have prepared to introduce new and exciting events for this collaboration. We look forward to your support for this joint project  - "AstroKings" and "Legend of the Galactic Heroes". 

※ Details related to the collaboration will be released on April 22nd UTC.