Hello Commanders,

Here are the details for our upcoming maintenance schedule. Please note that during the server maintenance, you will not be able to access the game. 


Schedule: 2020/04/13 (18:00 ~ 20:00 PDT)


New Events:

I. [EVENT] You? Or the Federation? That is the question. 

Event Period: 2020/04/13 (after maintenance) ~ 2020/04/28 17:00 PDT

Note: Event Points will be removed when the event ends. 


1.  Space Pirates Sweep-up Operation

E.M.U. is asking your help for Space Pirates Sweep-up Operation. As a reward for participation, each Federation will get the ownership of the 'Captured Space Pirates Cargo'. However, E.M.U.'s cargo ships are currently under maintenance, Federation members have to move the 'Captured Space Pirates Cargo'. E.M.U. has announced and asked for all commanders' cooperation.


  • Defeat the Pirate Base or Wanted Pirates to receive exchangeable points
  • Exchange up to 10 'Captured Space Pirates Cargo' items with points


2. Working Together, Having Different Goals

You don’t have to ship ‘Captured Space Pirates Cargo’ to the federation storage. During the difficult times, it's better to take your benefits rather than the community's benefits. Take as many as possible while you can!


  • Obtain personal points by pulling out the 'Captured Space Pirates Cargo'
  • Commanders who are not registered in the Federation can also participate in the event

3. Working Together, Having Same Goals

We truly believe you will move the 'Captured Space Pirates Cargo' to the Federation. Even though this is a very difficult time, Commanders have to prioritize the community's profit over personal gain. We have high hopes for you, Commander!



  • Move 'Captured Space Pirates Cargo' to Federation storage and obtain Federation ranking points
  • Commanders who are not registered in the Federation cannot participate in this event
  • Participate in Federation Ranking Event when you obtain a certain amount of points


II. Event Rewards: Working Together, Having Different Goals

Price of Conscience/Trust: A boxed item with Artifact restoration capsule, supreme trade goods, crystals, and more. 

Price of Conscience

Price of Trust