Hello Commanders,

In the event called 'Rome was not built in a day [I]' that started on 03/17 PDT, we confirmed that several commanders were earning the ranking points in an unfair way.

To have a fair competition amongst our Commanders, the following measures will be implemented to those ranking points that were unfairly earned.

> Target

- The ranking points received after the maintenance on 03/17 in which the players joined the Federation, used the rewards then left the Federation

> Action

- Remove the ranking points earned in the said event

※ Server maintenance is necessary to address this issue. 

> Post Maintenance Changes

- Changes in the reward boxes available for the event - Rome was not built in a day [I]. 

[Before >>> After]

(1) E.M.U. Speed Up Reward Box >>> Federation Speed Up Reward Box

(2) E.M.U. Enhancement Material Reward Box >>> Federation Enhancement Material Reward Box

(3) E.M.U. Special Reward Box >>> Federation Special Reward Box

※ Reward boxes composition will remain the same. 

※ Ranking points cannot be earned when you open the modified box. 

> Emergency Maintenance Info

Schedule: 2020/03/19 01:00 ~ 02:00 PDT

> Emergency Maintenance Compensation

- Crystal 1K

Note: A 4-hour shield will be activated after the maintenance. 

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding.