Hello Commanders,

We would like to share the details for our upcoming update. During the server maintenance, you will not be able to access the game. 

Schedule: 2020/03/17 (18:00 ~ 21:00 PDT)

28th Update Details:

I. Artifact System Improvements

A. ‘Artifact’ button added on the main page

B. Shortcut function for Artifact and Relic

C. Added system levels on Artifact and equipped effect details UI improvements

D. Using ‘Relic’ from the inventory page will be redirected to the Relic’s analysis page

E. Added Artifact missions and tutorials

II. New Artifact System

A. New Artifact System - Dimension Spectroscope [Dim. Spectroscope]

B. Unidentified Relic Analysis and Artifacts that can be obtained from the Artifact restoration will be added

- General Artifact: Type VIII, Type IX

- Core Artifact: Fleet Portal Generator, Portal Navi Rig

III. Two Epic Combat Heroes

A. ‘Black Rose’ Ilyanya (Special Skill: Fleet Penetration)

B. ‘Marauder’ Jayden (Special Skill: Increase Ship Load)

IV. New Events

A. <Rome wasn’t built in a day> Event [I]

Event Period: 2020/03/17 (after maintenance) ~ 2020/03/31 (5 PM PDT)

Event Info: 

- When you obtain points from <Rome wasn't built in a day> Event [Ⅱ ~ Ⅳ], you will obtain Federation progress points and ranking points.

- Federation progress points will be shared with all federation members and when your federation reaches the goal for progress level, you can individually receive rewards.

- Federation progress points will be shared with all federation members and you will receive rewards based on rankings when the event ends.

※Commanders who are not a part of any Federation cannot participate in this event.

※Federation that has achieved a certain point will be on the ranking.

※When you leave the Federation during the event, all of your event progress will be lost except the rewards that were received from progress achievements.

B.  <Rome wasn’t built in a day> Event [II ~ IV]

Event Period: 2020/03/17 (after maintenance) ~ 2020/03/31 (5 PM PDT)

1. Event Info: 

- Rome wasn’t built in a day [Ⅱ]: Federation help/research/exploration, Metal harvest, Defeat Recon Fleet, Use E.M.U. Speed up box 

- Rome wasn’t built in a day [Ⅲ]: · Flagship equipment craft & enhancement, Shipbuilding, Thonium harvest, Use E.M.U. enhancement reward box

- Rome wasn’t built in a day  [IV]: Artifact Restoration, Complete Relic Analysis, Hero Recruit & Send to the Council, Dark Matter Harvest, Use E.M.U. Special reward box 

2. Obtain one ‘Unstable Recruit Ticket’ from each event. By combining three ‘Unstable Recruit Ticket’, you can get ‘Helper’ Firmino. 

V. Daily Limited Packages

Monday: Wanted Pirates Package

Tuesday: Supreme Trade Goods Package

Wednesday: Flagship Upgrade Package

Thursday: Hero Recruit Package

Friday: Ship Enhancement Package

Saturday: Flagship Equipment Craft or Enhancement Package

Sunday: Resources, Speed up Package


- Cruxian Cube will no longer be available starting 04/01 UTC (Server Time).

- Cube Stabilization Energy and Cube Fragments can be used until 03/31 UTC (Server Time).

- Remaining Cube Stabilization Energy and Cube Fragments will be transformed into other items.

- After the update (03/17), Cruxian Cubes will no longer be obtained.

- To use your Cruxian Cubes, you can tap the Cruxian Cube icon from the Package Shop page.

VII. Other Minor Changes

- Improved Research UI Center

- Store and Event icons alignment and design changes

- Federation exploration check button is added

- Ability to check the content information in the box

- Quantity selection feature on the event store

- Combining items has been improved where you can check the information about the composition and result

- Due to the error with the rally’s replay function, this feature will be temporarily unavailable

- Alien Fleet notice display will be fixed