Hello Commanders,

We would like to share the details for our upcoming update on 03/17 PDT. Please note that the testing is still in progress and the full details regarding the update will be shared later.

Scheduled Update: 03/17 PDT

1. Overall UI improvements for Artifact System

2. A new Artifact will be added

3. 2 New S-class combat heroes will be added

"Blackrose" IlyanaBattle10530Fleet PenetrationConfusionAttack Speed
"Marauder" JaydenBattle10530Increase Ship LoadMarching SpeedDeployed Fleet Size Limit

4. UI changes will be applied in the game to provide improvements and corrections

5. Inactive accounts that meet the criteria below will be removed from the galaxy.

- Command Center level 10 and below with no payment history and have not accessed the game for the last 6 months

Thank you!