Hello Commanders!

We would like to share the details of our upcoming maintenance schedule. Please note that during the server maintenance, you will not be able to access the game.

Schedule: 02/25 (5 PM ~ 8 PM PST)

Patch Details:

1. Malikov's Curse Event

- Event Period: 02/25 (after maintenance) ~ 3/10 4 PM PST

- Complete Daily Mission and obtain various rewards including High-density Crystal Gemstone.

- Collect and combine 10 High-density Crystal Gemstone. You will obtain Malikov's Crystal Key to open Malikov's Treasure Box!

2. The Dead Man's Chest Event

- Event Period: 02/25 (after maintenance) ~ 3/10 4 PM PST

- Defeat Space Pirates and Alien fleets to obtain event points, and receive Malikov's Treasure box and more!

- You can obtain Malikov's Treasure box with achievement rewards.

- You need Malikov's Crystal Key to unlock the Treasure Box.

3. Bitter Sweet Exchange Store

- Bulk exchange options (50 and 100) will be added to the event store. 

Thank you!


⚠️The maintenance will be extended for 10 minutes (Expected time to complete the maintenance - 8:10 PM PST).

Thank you for your patience and understanding.