Hello Commanders!

We hope that you’re all doing well. We would like to share the details for our upcoming update. During the server maintenance, you will not be able to access the game. 

Scheduled Maintenance: 2020/02/12 (5 PM ~ 8 PM PST)

Here are the details for our upcoming update. 

I. Artifact System

E.M.U. will soon provide you with a new technology called the Artifact System. Not long ago, a bunch of old relics was discovered from some of the planets that were restored by the CRUX. These 'Artifacts', made with ancient human technology, were hidden secretly by the emperor who feared that the power would leak before it was lost. Even though E.M.U.’s best scientists are researching the discovered ‘Artifacts’ with all their power, it is still impossible to restore the production technology. E.M.U. intends to enhance the strength of humanity against CRUX by providing some of the artifacts found and the technology to utilize them to some qualified commanders. Artifacts and the technology won’t be free, but the enormous power and potential value of these artifacts will be rewarded for whatever the cost is.

  • Artifact System will be added in the Command Center
  • Some artifact systems can be unlocked when you upgrade the Command Center.
  • Each Artifact System can be equipped with 3~6 regular artifacts and 1 core artifact.
  • The system effect will be available if the system is equipped with all the artifacts required. System effects are applied at a fixed time or number of uses, with a cooldown applied after the duration has ended.
  • When all artifacts are equipped in the system, the buff of the core artifacts will always be activated.
  • Artifacts can be used to analyze unidentified artifacts and can be obtained from wanted pirates, alien fleets, dimension rift or by using the capsule.
  • You can combine two artifacts of the same type and the same level to obtain one higher-level artifact.
  • All artifacts can be combined up to 10 levels.
  • The system and core artifact effect is determined based on the lowest level of the installed artifact level.
  • If you have opened multiple artifact systems, you can use each system effect and core artifact buffs at the same time.

II. Valentine's Day Event

Event Period: 02/12 (after maintenance) ~ 02/25 4 PM PST

Note: Event Store will be available until 02/26 4 PM PST

  • Participate in Quest Challenge, and obtain various rewards including Valentine Day’s Chocolate!

  • Collect Chocolates, and receive Epic Command Hero – The ‘Revolutionist’ Lisa

III. Combine Global and Japan Server

  • Global and Japan Server will be combined and Commanders who are below Command Center 12 can transfer in between servers.
  • After the 02/12 update, all servers including the Japan server will be shown on the Galaxy List.

IV. Others

  • You can choose character art styles from the options page. (Settings > Option > Character Art Type > Type A (Original)/Type B (Anime)
  • Universe Map menu optimization and UI changes
  • The issue that the harvest fleet couldn’t be sent will be fixed
  • Combat rating error from the Space Dock will be fixed
  • Federation info during Tenebris War will be fixed.
  • Game crash in certain devices will be improved.

Updated: The maintenance schedule has been moved from 02/11  to 02/12 5PM PST

*The schedule and update details may be subject to change under certain circumstances.