- Notifications on Android device were received with delay for X minutes

- Notifications were not received until the app the was opened

Possible Reasons:

1. Internet Connection

- Your device relies on a data connection to obtain new messages and to notify you about them. Weak or unstable connections could delay your notifications as a result. 

2. Battery/Phone Optimizing Apps

- Battery and phone optimizing apps could delay the notification or not receive them at all as most of these type of apps will close all the background processes to free up your RAM and put less load on your device. Most background processes sync data to be able to deliver the notifications and once they are disabled, your device will not be able to receive any updates from the installed apps unless you open them. 

3. Power Saver Mode

- Turning on Power Saver Mode will keep your device alive when needed. However, this will disable the feature of data syncing on your device where no apps will be able to sync data in the background to keep you updated. 

Troubleshooting Methods

1. Internet Connection

- Keep your wi-fi connection enabled at all times to receive notifications. There are instances when the device goes to sleep mode, the wi-fi gets disabled on your device. This is efficient for battery saving but not ideal for data syncing. 

Instructions on how to fix this: (Steps might vary depending on the device's make and model)

- Go to Device Settings > Tap Wi-Fi

- Tap the Main Menu at the top-right corner > Select Advanced > Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep

2. Battery/Phone Optimizing Apps

- Uninstalling or not using this app would be ideal to keep receiving the notifications in real-time. Please do this under your own discretion. 

3. Power Saver Mode

- Disable the Power Saver Mode on your device.

4. Restrict App Background Data

- It is possible that the notification is only delayed for a particular app and not all of the apps installed on your device. 

Instructions on how to fix this: (Steps might vary depending on the device's make and model)

- Go to Device Settings > Data Usage

- Select AstroKings and turn off Restrict App Background Data option

5. Clear Cache

- Go to Device Settings > Apps > AstroKings > Force Stop > Clear Cache

6. Ingame Notification Settings

- Tap Commander Portrait > Settings > Alarms > Set the notifications you want to receive

7. Attack Alert Option (AstroKings Settings)

- Go to Commander Info > Settings > Option > Attack Alert > Set to My Planet or All