New Year's Ingame Event

Hello Commanders,

Here are the details of our New Year's event which will start after the maintenance scheduled on 12.30 PST. 

Event Period: 12.31 7PM ~ 01.14 4PM PST (15 days)

New Year's Event

Get a chance to earn EMU's Lucky Box as you defeat Space Pirates and Wanted Pirates. 

EMU Lucky boxes could earn you rewards and New Year event tokens. 

You could exchange your tokens with various rewards and acquire advanced lucky boxes.

- Use the event tokens to exchange with Advanced EMU Lucky Box to obtain various rewards

- Ranking points can be obtained when you open the lucky boxes, and you can also receive ranking rewards through the scores obtained

- New Year's event also includes 2020 New Year's Event Limited S-class Hero, so you better not miss this event! (Revenge Guardian Jacob & 'Sharpshooter' Lyudmila) 

Revenge Guardian JacobBattleInterception Tactician
- Commanding Fleet Attack Power +X% when appointed as a Planetary Defense Fleet Commander
Increase Enemy Fleet Destruction Rate
- Enemy Fleet Destruction Rate +X
- X random enemy squads cannot move or attack for X seconds
Sharpshooter LyudmilaBattleAiming Specialist
- Fleet Accuracy
Armor Breaker
- Fleet Penetration
Targeting Systems
- Accuracy and Penetration of all ally squads +X% for X seconds

For more information, you could check the ingame event page after the maintenance. 

Thank you!