Hello Commanders, 

A new challenge has been loaded to our galaxy! Here are the details for the event! 

We encourage all our Commanders and Federation members to actively participate in this event!

Event Period

2019.12.03 7PM ~ 2019.12.17 4PM PST

Event Details

- Complete various quests and earn event points to earn random rewards based on the current reward lists. 

- You can complete all types of quests instantly, regardless of the quest completion conditions by using the 'Finish Now' tickets. 

- Instant completion tickets could be obtained depending on the number of quests completed by the Federation. 

How to join the event?

- From the 'Quest Challenge' event, touch the 'Tap' button to open the list of items and quests

- On the left, you can see the list of items that you could receive as a reward after completing the required number of quests (Receive Rewards). 

Rewards List can be reset 3 times per day. 1 time for free and 2 times using crystals. 

- On the right, there are 3 types of quests that you could complete. Once the quest has been completed, this will be replaced by a new type of quest and this will update the Receive Rewards points. 

- By spending the points (Receive Rewards) you've earned, you can randomly obtain one of the items from the Rewards List by tapping the button Receive Rewards.

Federation Points and Ranking Details

- Each time you complete a quest, points are accumulated in the Federation tab. Every time a member completes a quest, the gauge will be updated. 

- 'Finish Now' Tickets can be claimed once the Federation Quest goal has been completed by tapping the Claim button

- Quest Challenge event's ranking rewards will be given after the event.


- Federation Points, Rankings and 'Finish Now' Tickets are only available for Federation members. If you are not a part of a Federation, we encourage you to join one to be able to access the rankings and tickets. 

- Once the item from the Reward List has been received, this will be marked and cannot be received again if you're using the same Reward List set.