Planet Protection Shield 

- is a planetary buff that can temporarily protect your planet from being attacked or scouted. 

Where to purchase?

1. E.M.U. Facility (Planet View > E.M.U. Emporium)

2. Planetary Buff (Commander Info > Planetary Buff)

- For the planetary buff page, once you've purchased the item, this will be activated immediately after purchase. 

3. Exchange Center (Exchange/Federation Store)

- Exchange

- Federation Store

Note: Some prices/discounts may vary depending on the buff/bonus that is active during the time of purchase.

The shield will be deactivated if you do any of the following:

1. Attack/Scout another planet

2. Attack a Pirate Base

3. Attack an Alien Main Fleet

4. Send support fleet to Federation member's planet

5. Send support fleet to Federation's Astronest

Note: The duration of the shield will not extend if you activated another shield while you have an existing shield on. This will replace the current shield.