24th Update - 2019/11/19 (5PM ~ 9PM PST)

Hello Commanders,

Here are the details for our upcoming update. Please keep in mind that during the maintenance schedule, you will not be able to log in to the game. 

Maintenance Schedule: 2019/11/19 (5PM ~ 9PM PST)

  1. Tenebris Battle - Renewal

  • 2nd Tenebris Battle will start on the 23rd of November (07:00 UTC) and the  changes are as follows:

  1. Tenebris Battle time will be changed from 24 hours to 8 hours and energy charging time (Winning condition) will be changed to 2 hours.
  2. To ensure that all users from different timezone will have equal opportunities, the start time for the event will be changed and if more than 95% of the users are from a certain region/timezone, it will have a fixed time for the server. 
  3. Battle for Tenebris and Satellites, no ships will be destroyed but can still be damaged.
  4. Federation can attack Tenebris once the Federation occupies at least one Satellite.
  5. Satellites cannot be occupied multiple times at once, but the number of Satellites that can be occupied increases depending on the energy level charged by occupying Tenebris.
  6. Tenebris Satellite’s attack power increases depending on the energy level that has been charged.
  7. The attack targets of the Tenebris Satellites can be changed but cannot be randomly stopped. 
  8. In time for the Battle of Tenebris, related battle events will also take place.
  9. Once the Tenebris Battle ended, there will be a Happy Hour Recovery Event for 24 hours.
  10. The price of the Controller's Voice will be reduced.

II. Dimension Rift Stages

  • The top stage - CRUX Territory will be added. 

  1. You need to clear Wave 150 from the Crux Planet System to proceed.
  2. CRUX Territory will consist of Wave 150 ~ 200. 
  3. CRUX Territory will be processed separately from the existing Dimension Rift - CRUX Planet System.
  4. In CRUX Planet System, you can only proceed to Wave 150.
  5. To proceed to the CRUX Territory, you would have to enter the higher Dimension Rift gate. 
  6. Rankings will be set depending on the highest Wave that had been completed including the CRUX Territory. 
  7. In addition to the free entry, CRUX Territory will consume more of the item - Dimension Shift Catalyst Pack 

III. Planetary Customization

  • The customization feature for planets will be added. 

  • In addition, there will be more designs available.

Note: If you customize your planet, only the planet from the Universe Map (Not the Planet View) will be changed or updated. 

IV. Flagship Modules

  • New modules (Flagship Equipment) that can improve the accuracy and penetration will be added. It can be placed on the current Flagship module slot. 

V. Thanksgiving Event

  • Thanksgiving event will start on the 20th of November UTC after the scheduled maintenance. 

  • Event Period: 20th of November ~ 1st of December 

  • Event Objective: Harvest Resources, Defeat Pirates, Open Event Boxes, Obtain Crystal Gems and exchange them with Thanksgiving Gift Boxes.

Harvest Crystals from resource sites to obtain Crystals and Crystal Gems. Crystal Gems can also be obtained from the Metal, Thonium, and Dark Matter sites. 

Defeat Pirates and seize the Crystal Gems that they have.

Exchange your Crystal Gems for Thanksgiving Gift Boxes and obtain various rewards.
Depending on the number of times you have opened the boxes, we will give you the best reward for the event - Turkey Box with 100% probability!

VI. Minor Changes

  1. You will be able to send battle reports to Federations members

  2. On/Off feature for Deployment line except for Federation members

  3. On/Off feature for Attack alert display

  4. Battle display UI and fleet size will be improved

  5. New Federation emblems will be added (Update: The schedule for the new emblems will be moved on our next update.)

  6. When you start a new account, a hero for Fleet Commander will be given

  7. Fix the issue that could only display 5 rally shortcuts when selecting a Federation member’s planet

  8. Exchange event items for Thonium (Halloween Lollipops/New Commander Tokens)

  9. Other minor changes

11/19 Patch Notes Updated: 

- Tenebris Battle Schedule and #2

- Dimension Rift Stages #7 including the table

- Minor Changes - New Emblems for Federation

Note: *The schedule and content may be subject to change under certain circumstances.