10/29/2019 Update (Maintenance 6PM ~ 9PM PDT)

Hello Commanders, 

Here are the details for our next update. Please be reminded that during the maintenance period, you will be unable to access the game. 

Maintenance Schedule: 10/29/2019 6PM ~ 9PM PDT

1. Halloween Event NPC 

- Level 35, 40 level Event Pirates will be added, and the frequency of appearance will also increase.

- Combat balance for Level 25 Event pirates will be adjusted

- Loots except candy items will be adjusted as same as the normal pirates

2. Hero Skill Fix

- Rapid Fire, Attack Enhancement, Critical Shooting, and Shock Release skill time duration will be fixed. 

3. Trade Magnate Skill 

– Did not increase the number of free refreshes per every 10 levels- will be fixed.

4. Decoder Price in Exchange Center

T4: 5000 Crystals → 2500 Crystals

T3: 3000 Crystals → 1500 Crystals

T2: 1800 Crystals → 900 Crystals

T1: 600 Crystals → 300 Crystals

* Maintenance schedule and duration may change depending on the circumstances.