Notice - Wanted Pirate Battles (Item Issue)

After the recent update, changes in Wanted Pirates Ticket items were omitted. Here are the details:

Wanted Pirate Ticket Drop

1. Changes in the Threat Level for Flagship Blueprints

- Moloch and Nemain Flagship have been switched.

(This was an unintended error and will be returned back to their original places later this week.)

Moloch Blueprint

- Current: Threat Level 6 and higher

- After: Threat Level 4 and higher

Nemain Blueprint

- Current: Threat Level 4 and higher

- After: Threat Level 6 and higher

Compensation: AP (Action Point) 50 x 8

2. Added Speed Up Items in Wanted Pirate Battles

- The information about the Speed Boost items was removed from the item drop list.

Speed up items:

Speed Up 5m, Construction Speed Boost 5m, Research Speed Boost 5m, Ship Build Speed Boost 5m, Ship Repair Speed Boost 5m

Compensation: Speed Up 5m x 200

Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused. The compensations will be sent to your mailbox within 24hours.

Thank you!