10/23/2019 Update Announcement (6PM ~ 9PM PDT)

I. Halloween Events

- Three weeks of Halloween Event will start after the update!

Event Period: 10.28 ~ 11.17

Mechanics: Defeat Event Pirates and Exchange your Halloween Event Candies with special Halloween rewards

1. Defeat the Halloween Ghost

- Defeat Ghost Pirates to obtain Halloween Candies, Event Points, and Halloween Minister Hero!

- Points can be obtained when you receive Halloween Candies. Reach each point milestone to receive awesome rewards!

- Halloween Minister Hero will be given as a ranking reward.

2. Halloween Candy Store

- Receive Halloween Candies when you defeat the Ghost Pirate. 

- Obtain Halloween Commander Hero and more!

- Exchange your Halloween Candies with the Halloween Commander Hero!

II. New Commander Support Campaign

An event for all our New Commanders is here! For 3 weeks, you could earn rewards by upgrading your Command Center, building ships and defeating pirates!

Event Period: 10.28 ~ 11.17

Mechanics: Upgrade Command Center, Build Ships, Defeat Space Pirates, and/or Wanted Pirates to earn your rewards

III. Hero EMP Skill Activation - Time Readjustment and Hero Skill Reset

We have evaluated and improved the hero skill called EMP and all heroes with this skill will be reset to apply the changes. Compensations will be given after the update. 

1. Before and after

Before: Activates when the fleet durability has been damaged for more than 10%

After: Activates 12 seconds after the battle starts

2. Hero skill reset (EMP)

- Every hero with the EMP skill including the hero's level and other skills will be reset.

- If the hero is assigned as minister or commander, it will be unassigned.

- Reset will only be applied from level two and higher. 

3. Compensation due to the skill and hero reset

- Hero Level: Hero EXP capsule items

- Skill level: New skill element, advanced skill element items for the heroes

- All those who possess a hero with EMP Skill, the hero and skill will be reset. 

- The number of items used to level up the hero/skill will be compensated.

IV. Minor Changes

- Recommended mission UI adjustment

- The decoder will be available in the Exchange Center

- Moloch and Nemain Blueprints item drop conditions in Wanted Pirate Battles

- Tenebris graphics and functions

- Mop-Up Sailing buff in CRUX Technology Research will be corrected