I.    Tenebris Battle

On the 26th of October, the first-ever Tenebris war begins. Tenebris is the name of the wormhole control system in the galaxy which serves as a gateway to move out of the galaxy and could bring great honor and power to its controller. Tenebris is located in the center of the galaxy and protected by 6 satellites. If you have what it takes to be the mightiest Commander of the galaxy, you will be able to have a chance to win this battle once every 4 weeks.

1)    Time and Info

-    The battle starts at 00:00 UTC (Saturday).

-    This will be held once every 4 weeks. 

-    Commanders will fight to take control of Tenebris and the 6 satellites.

-    6 satellites will serve as the bridgeheads for the Tenebris and can only be owned by one Federation. 

-    If you win the battle, you will take control of the Tenebris and the 6 satellites in which you could receive various benefits, rewards, and function. 

2.)    Points

-    The Federation which charges all the energy needed to run Tenebris wins the battle. 

-    The energy charge is divided into 5 stages when enough energy is collected, it will progress to the next stage. 

-    Energy is charged when you maintain the Tenebris occupation. 

-    When you take control of Tenebris, 1 energy point is charged per minute. 

Required Energy Points and Time

•    Stage 1: 30 Points (Required Time: 30min/Accumulated Time: 30min)

•    Stage 2: 60 Points (Required Time: 1hr/Accumulated Time: 1hr 30min)

•    Stage 3: 90 Points (Required Time: 1hr 30min/Accumulated Time: 3hrs)

•    Stage 4: 120 Points (Required Time: 2hrs /Accumulated Time: 5hrs)

•    Stage 5: 150 Points (Required Time: 2hrs 30min/Accumulated Time: 7hrs 30min)

-    If a Federation captured the Tenebris during your occupation, the energy charge stage will be maintained. However, the energy point that was charged during the stage will be reset. 

-    All charged energy point records will be accumulated and the rankings will be determined by the energy charge level and the accumulated energy point record. 

-    In the absence of a winner, the Federation with the highest level and accumulated points will take control of Tenebris. 


3.)    Attack

-    Tenebris and satellites cannot be scouted.

-    Attack Type: Rally 

-     If the rally attack wins against the defense fleet, the attacker’s Federation will take over the target. 

-    There is no limit to the simultaneous occupation of the Tenebris and satellites. 

-    At the start of the battle, the NPC defense fleet will be defending Tenebris and its satellites. 

4.)    Defense

-    If you win from the Tenebris or satellite attacks and in occupation state, you can form a defense fleet to defend it.


-    The fleet that wins will automatically become the defense fleet and incoming rallies from the winning Federation will automatically return to their respective planets. It is advisable to immediately deploy additional support fleets during the occupation. 

-    When the Defensive Commander leaves and withdraws his fleet, the Defense Leader will automatically be delegated to the Commander with the highest combat ratings in the defensive fleet. 

-    When the defense fleet has been disbanded, the status of the occupation will be opened. 

-    If you withdraw the defense fleets before the support fleet arrives, it will no longer be occupied and will automatically be withdrawn even if the support fleet reached the Tenebris or satellites. 

- The number of Federation members that can participate in defense fleet: 8

5.)    Satellites Special Function

-    By occupying the satellites, you can attack the Tenebris’ defense fleet or other satellites with its ‘Satellite Bombarding’ skill. 

-    Satellite Bombarding skill can damage 1% (minimum number of damage = 1) of the defense fleet once every 60 seconds. 

-    Defending fleets do not automatically return even if all their defensive ships were damaged by the Satellite Bombarding skill. 

-    The Federation occupying Tenebris will not be able to use the Satellite Bombarding skill. 

-    When you use the Satellite Bombarding skill to Tenebris or satellite when fleets are in a battle, no damages will be incurred from the skill.


-    6 satellite owners will be appointed by Tenebris ruler. 

-    The owner can use special buffs from the satellite. This can only be appointed to Federation members. 

•    Horeundal: Increase the Harvest Speed by 40% for 12hrs

•    Quirinus: Increase the Fleet Accuracy by 30% for 12hrs

•    Bellona: Increase Fleet Resistance by 30% for 12hrs

•    Nona: Increase Ship production rate by 30% for 12hrs

•    Decimal: Fleet destruction prevention +300 for 12hrs

•    Morta: Increase Enemy Fleet Destruction +300 for 12hrs


-    The buff will be applied to the owner without restrictions. 

•    Horeundal: Resource production speed increased by 20%

•    Quirinus: Fleet Attack Power 15%

•    Bellona: Fleet Durability 15%

•    Nona: Deployed Fleet Limit + 20%

•    Decimal: Fleet Damage Prevention + 600

•    Morta: Enemy Fleet Damage + 600

<Shield Effect>

-    If you are occupying both the Tenebris and satellite, the shield will be applied when Satellite Bombarding damage occurs. Shield effect will reduce the fleet damage incurred from Satellite Bombarding skill. 

-    Depending on the number of occupied satellites, the reduction rate increases by 10%. 

6.)    Rewards

<Rewards for the winning Federation members> 

-    Victory rewards will be sent to all winning Federation members. 

<Tenebris Controller Power>

- Federation leader from the winning Federation will be Tenebris’ controller. The controller can distribute special rewards for contributors.

- There are 5 levels of loots, and there are limitations that can be contributed.

- Tenebris controller can assign the owners for 6 satellites.

- You can only assign once. Delegate wisely.

- If you transfer the Tenebris ownership, all power will be transferred immediately.

- Tenebris controller can only be assigned within the winning Federation members, and for the 6 satellites, there is no restrictions for the assignment.

You can use a special buff for Tenebris. You can give a special buff to the galaxy.

- Marching Speed 30% for 24hrs

- Two special buffs can be applied to you with no limitation

1) Increase Attack Speed 15%

2) Increase Fleet Critical Damage 15%

You can send a message to all Commanders in the galaxy with ‘Controller's Voice’ function.

- The message limit will be 300 characters.

- The message will be sent 3 times and can be seen by all Commanders who are logged in. 

7.)    Restrictions

-    Federation members that joined the Federation less than 24hrs will not be able to participate in the battle. 

-    When you are participating in the rally attack or defense during the Tenebris battle, you will not be able to use shield or relocation items. 

II.    PvP System

-    When a planet has been attacked by a Commander who has 15 or more levels higher and incurred a certain amount of damages, a temporary planetary protection shield will be activated to prevent further damages. (If the damage is below a certain point, the shield won’t be activated)

-    Also, to prevent creating alternative accounts, we will change the condition of the random port from 50 attacks to 20 attacks.

III.    Ship Enhancements

-    Currently, ship enhancements were not applied to the National Power. We are going to change the results of strengthening the ships and the proportion of resources input will be reflected on your National Power after the upcoming update.

IV.    Dimension Rift Function Improvement

-    After each WAVE battle and before the next battle starts, you can finish the WAVE without any damages.

-    If you win five times in a row, you’ll move to the result page

-    Dimension Rift limit has been added – CC Level 15 

V.    Screen Ratio: Full-Screen Support

-    You can choose the full-screen mode from settings, and if you are downloading the game for the first time (Android) it will be shown in full-screen mode. 

VI.    Inactive Planets

-    For better gameplay, abandoned planets will be eliminated. 

-    Here are the conditions for the elimination. (All three conditions have to be met for elimination.)

•    Commander Center 10 or below

•    Without any purchase records

•    No log-in records in the last 6 months

VII. New Heroes - “Heiress” Anna & “Agitator” Hillary

“Heiress” Anna

  • Type: Admin - Exchange Specialist
  • Facility Minister: Exchange Center
  • Special Skill: Number of Free “Refresh” option
  • Refresh Count: 4 ~ 102
  • Skill 1: Number of Exchange Slots
  • Skill 2: Discount Rate
“Agitator” Hillary
  • Type: Admin - Gold Production
  • Facility Minister: Residence
  • Special Skill: Gold Production Speed 30 ~ 103.5%
  • Skill 1: Maximum Gold Production Rate
  • Skill 2: Increases the maximum number of Action Point

VIII.    Others

- Overall Network performance is improved.

- Attack speed error in ship engine enhancement is fixed. 

- Wipe-out Formation buff rating has been fixed. (ex. 1.5% → 15)

- Fleet Speed Boost item reward will be added when defeating Wanted Pirates – Smugglers. 

- ‘Receive All’ function in the mailbox system has been improved, and some unnecessary reports are deleted or replaced to condensed reports. (2 Alien Fleet Reports)

*Alien Fleet rewards for the Alien Fleet will go directly to the inventory. 

- Exchange previous event tokens in your inventory with resources