We have prepared several events for all our commanders to celebrate our anniversary!

One Year Anniversary Log-in Event30-Aug22-SepALL Commanders
The Lost CRUX30-Aug08-SepALL Commanders
New Commander Event30-Aug22-SepNew Commanders since 08.27 UTC
Welcome Back Commander Event30-Aug22-SepCommanders who did not log-in before 08.23 UTC

I. One Year Anniversary Log-in Event

- Obtain free items when you log-in to the game!

You can obtain any of the following items!
Planetary Protection Shield 8hrs3
Planetary Relocation1
New-Type Skill Element15
Legend Hero Recruit Ticket2
Advanced Speed Item5
Trade Goods Box10
Dimension Shift Catalyst Package5
Random Ship Enhancement Box100
Cube Stabilization Energy200
Optional Flagship Blueprint Box1

II. The Lost CRUX

- Locate and defeat the Alien Fleets to obtain gifts from E.M.U.!

- Progress and ranking event

- Defeating higher level fleets will give you an advantage!

III. New Commander Event

- This event is especially prepared to welcome our New Commanders!

- Obtain points and items such as booster package boxes when you:

Upgrade your Command Center level (starts from level 9)
Build Flagship
Promote Flagship
Ship Production
Complete Research

IV. Welcome Back Commander

- It's time to invite your comrades back! 

- If you haven't visited our galaxy before 08.23 UTC, now is the right time!

- Obtain points by doing the following:

Flagship Equipment Enhancement
Hero Skill Level Up
Hero Specialized Skill Level Up
Ship Enhancement
Complete Research
Send Heroes to the Council