We've been receiving concerns about the game crash, lags, not loading, and other related issues from our community recently and we're working on the improvements based on the information you have provided on our June and July events.

Here are the concerns that we've received. 

1. Issues caused by inefficient network processing

2. Issues caused by slow performance due to client memory issues

3. Issues caused by concurrent requests

Improvement Progress:

2018.12.08 - Mailbox optimization

2019.04.03 - Fleet deployment/return optimization

2019.05.05 - DB related error fix

2019.06.05 - Mailbox optimization

2019.06.25 - Galaxy map location error fix

2019.07.24 - Radar search logic optimization

2019.08.13 - 64bit device support and memory optimization

2019.08.29 - Big size packet optimization, change to the latest 64 bit SDK motion portrait

Other than the listed above, we have improved Server and AWS settings, and we are expecting better gameplay after the update.

Thank you for your understanding and support. We'll work on providing the best gaming experience to our Commanders. 

If you have encountered any issues, you could contact us ingame thru Commander's Info > Settings > Contact Us > New Ticket.

Thank you.