[Facility] Trade Center


What is Trade Center?

- A facility for trading with Trade Planet. 

- You can trade with Trade planets when you tap Trade Planet menu in the Universe map or when you enter Trade Center in the Planet view. 

- Deploying Trade Vessel also count as a deployed fleets.

- Each time when you make a trade, CP (Commerce Point) will be deducted. CP will be recovered as time goes by, but you can also recover with Crystals.

- You can obtain Trade Token and Trade Planet Factions by trading.

Six Trade Planets:

1. Alpha

    Buff: Fleet Attack Power

    Alpha Trade Shop Items:

  • Quick Rally
  • Withdrawal
  • Argon Type Energy T4
  • Xenon Type Energy T4
  • Random T4 Equipment Blueprint
  • ASHUR Promotion Blueprint
  • Striker Typer Flagship Research Data
  • NEMAIN Promotion Blueprint

2. Lambda

    Buff: Shipbuilding Speed

    Lambda Trade Shop Items:

  • Ship Build Speed Boost
  • Striker Type Module Blueprint T4
  • Elastinium-red T4
  • Elastinium-blue T4
  • Action Points 50
  • MOLOCH Promotion Blueprint
  • Titan Promotion Kit
  • FENRIS Promotion Blueprint

3. Beta

    Buff: Research speed

    Beta Trade Shop Items: 

  • Speed Up
  • Command Buff Enhance Module
  • Flagship Equipment Material T3
  • New-type Skill Element
  • Veteran Hero Recruit Ticket
  • Legend Hero Recruit Ticket
  • Advanced Skill Element

4. Delta

Buff: Fleet Durability

Delta Trade Shop Items: 

  • Ship Repair Speed Boost
  • Neosiege T4
  • Techradium T4
  • Random Wanted Pirated Ticket
  • KALI Promotion Blueprint
  • Guardian Type Flagship Research Data
  • ISHTAR Promotion Blueprint

5. Sigma

Buff: Marching Speed

Sigma Trade Shop Items: 

  • Research Speed Boost
  • Fleet Speed Boost
  • Titaniuim-Cel t4
  • Gore-Axion T4
  • Engine Blueprint T4
  • AMATERASU Promotion Blueprint
  • Tactician Type Flagship Research Data
  • HERMES Promotion Blueprint

6. Tau

Buff: Harvesting Speed

Tau Trade Shop Items: 

  • Construction Speed Boost
  • Titanion T4
  • Windynium T4
  • guardian Type Module Blueprint
  • Gold 500K 
  • Metal 500K
  • Dark Matter 20K
  • Thonium 100K
  • Flagship Upgrade Module v4
  • Mothership Promotion Kit
  • HORUS Promotion Blueprint

How to obtain Faction Points and unlock items from the Trade Shop?

- Faction points can be obtained if you send your Trade Vessels to trade with any of the Trade Planets

- Select the Trade Planet and tap the Trade button

- Select the Trading Item (The higher the tier of your Trade Goods, the higher number of Trade Tokens can be obtained)

- Tap the Deploy Trade Vessel to start trading 

- To unlock items, obtain the required Faction Points


- When you activate 'Auto Trade', you can trade automatically as long as you are connected to the game.

- Trade vessels will stop trading when you close the app

How to upgrade Trade Center?

- Tap Trade Center facility then select Upgrade icon

- Check the required resources to upgrade. Once complete, tap Upgrade button

- To complete upgrade immediately, tap Finish Now. Be reminded that this will consume your crystals

How to upgrade the Trade Vessel?

- Tap Trade Center facility then select Trade Progress icon

- Tap the Trade Vessel button

- Tap the Upgrade button


- Upgrading the Trade Vessel will use consume your Gold or Crystals

- Upgrading the Trade Vessel will increase any of the following: Tokens obtained, Faction Points obtained and/or Marching Speed

- Useful hero skills for Trade Center: Trade Expert (Faction), Renovate Trade Vessel (Marching Speed), Trade Administrator (Token Capacity)