Trade Planet Occupation

The E.M.U. has decided to delegate the Trading Planets operation powerful Federations.Therefore, occupation for six Trade Planets will begin. Since one Federation can occupy only one Trading Planet, the top six Federations can occupy each Trading Planets. When a Federation occupy a Trading Planet, the Federation will get tax revenue from Trade Planets as well as rewards from the E.M.U.

1) Trade Planet occupation and progress

Occupation will held over weekends, once in every two weeks. two times each for an hour. (You can check the schedule the Trade Planet Occupation Event page)

Three Trade Planet Occupation will be held in each occupation time. When occupation starts, the planet target will be rotated one by one.

All the Trading Planets' occupation will be in a default status starting from four hours before the occupation. (Some Ranking rewards or occupation-related benefits also will end.)

2) Trade Planet Attack

Trade Planets cannot be scouted.

Trade Planets can only be attacked by rally attack.

You can attack multiple Trade Planets at the same time, but only one Trade Planet can be occupied.
(When Federation seize a Trade Planet, other rallied fleets will withdraw after they reach the Planet.)

If the rally win from the battle against the Defense Force, the winner will occupy the Trade Planet.

If the Trade Planet is not occupied by any Federation, NPC Defense Force will.

3) Trade Planet Defense

When the Trade Planet is temporarily occupied, you can organize a Defense Force and defend the planet.
(When you win from the battle, attack fleets automatically becomes Defense Force, other attack fleets arrives after, will automatically return back to your planet. Thus, sending support fleet as soon as your Federation becomes occupant is recommend.)
When a Defense Force withdraw from the Trade Planet, ongoing Defense support fleet will automatically withdraw.

Federation members can participate in the Defense Force when the Federation is currently occupying the planet.

Only 8 Federation members can participate in Defense Force.

Defense Force Commander can transfer the authority to another the Defense Force member.
When the Defense Force Commander withdraw fleets, other highest combat rating Defense Force member will automatically become the Commander.

You can activated defense strategies such as defense buff - fleet reinforcement or ship repair. If you do not participate in Defense Force, you can contribute to the Federation by investing in defense strategies.

Trade Planet will be occupiable when all the Defense Force withdraw from the Planet completely.

3-1) Activate defense Buff by executing Defense Strategies

Executing a defense strategy allows you to activate defense buff or repair damaged ships. Defense Buff: Fleet Durability Boost, Fleet Attack Power Boost

The defense strategy can be activated by the investment from the Federation members; the same way as the Federation Research.

Damaged Ship Repair function has usage limits.

Each defense strategy has levels. When a lower level of defense strategy has been activated, the next level will be available after a certain period of time.
The buff will be stronger as the defense strategy level goes higher.
You will have more advantage in defense if you occupy the planet as soon as possible, invest in defense strategy, and have higher level of defense buff.

4) Restriction

Can participate in Occupation without Trade Center.

Members that joined the Federation less then 24 hours cannot participate.

You cannot use Planet Protection Shield or Planetary Relocation when you participate in a rally attack or in a defense force.

You cannot participate in Alien Fleet event during the Occupation (From 4 hours before the occupation to the end).

You are not able to trade when the Occupation begins.

5) Occupation Success and Rewards

The Federation stands the last at the end of Occupation becomes the occupant.

The rewards will be given to all Federation members immediately when the Occupation ends.

Rewards will be given according to the rank that who contributed to the occupation, general rally attack, and donation during the occupation.

Special rewards will be given to the Commanders who contributed the most in each categories.

Occupant(Federation) can adjust the tax rate and collect the sales tax from the Trade Planet.

5-1) Trade Planet Tax and Tax rate

Tax revenue will be accumulated in Federation Resource Storage when a trade is made from each Trade Planet or when a purchase is made from the Trade Shop. (The tax revenue will be accumulated in every 10 trades are made, and every purchase with 125 tokens in Trade Shop )

Tax revenue balance will be calculated once a day at 0 am UTC Time Zone. (Tax Revenue : Gold, Metal, Thonium, Dark Matter, Crystals) When you adjust the tax rate, tax revenue balance will be calculated in real time.

The tax rate can be adjusted from -25% to + 25% from the Standard Value, and can be changed only once a day by the Federation Leader. (With higher tax rate, the higher price of the goods sold in the Trade shop, and amount of Trade Token will be decreased.)

The Federation that occupied the Trading Planet pays the lowest tax rate.