Here’s how this feature works!

Once the Federation Leader is confirmed to be inactive for 10 days, Succession feature will be available for G4 level members.

1. Go to Federation members, tap G5 level member and tap Succession button.

2. After tapping the Succession button, a notification will appear to confirm if you want to proceed. This will cost you crystals once you’ve confirmed. This cannot be restored once you tap the OK button.  

3. The former Federation leader will then be moved down to G4 level member and you will be promoted to G5 (Federation Leader).


- Only G4 members can take over the position of the Federation Leader.

- In case that all G5 and G4 members become inactive for 10 days, G3 could follow the same process.

- For now, only up to G3 can take over the Federation given the condition that all G4 & G5 members were inactive for 240 hours.