What is Astronest?

An Astronest is a Federation fortress that is built to control and secure the surrounding area. It offers a variety of features as well. Players who are not a member of the federation cannot move their planet in the vicinity of Astronest. Other Federation fortresses cannot be built within the vicinity. 

Astronest Buffs

You can gain the buff effects when within the Astronest area. 

1. Increase Marching Speed (Basic Effect)

- Increase fleet marching speed when within the Astronest area. 

2. Increase Harvest Speed (Federation Research Effect)

- Increase harvesting speed when within the Astronest area. 

3. Increases Fleet Durability during Planetary Defense (Federation Research Effect)

- Increases fleet durability while defending a planet, when within the Astronest area. 

Astronest - Construction and Withdrawal

You can construct Astronest only after your Federation completes the [Construct Astronest] research project from the Federation Research menu.

Note: You cannot construct your Astronest near someone else’s Astronest.

If necessary, you can relocate your Astronest with the Withdrawal Ticket for Astronest item.

You do not lose the resources stored in the Astronest even when you relocate and reconstruct your Astronest.

When reconstructing destroyed or withdrawn Astronest, all the techs available through Federation Research will be automatically applied to your new Astronest.

How to construct Astronest?

- You should be the leader of the Federation. 

- Complete the Federation Research - Construct Astronest

- Once complete, tap Construct and select a tile on where you want to build your Astronest

How to withdraw Astronest?

- You should have the item called Withdrawal Ticket for Astronest.

- Tap Astronest then select Manage

- Select Withdraw then OK

Note: Some of the Federation functions will be suspended when you retrieve your Astronest.

Deposit Resource

Federation Members may deposit resources to the shared resource pool of their Astronest.

The resources stored in Astronest may be accessed at any time as long as the fortress is intact.

How to deposit/withdraw resources?

- Tap Astronest > Deposit

- Select Deposit/Withdraw tab

- Drag the bar or type the total number of resources you want to deposit/withdraw

- Tap Deposit/Withdraw button to confirm

How to Scan the Alien Fleet?

- Only G5 and G4 members of the Federation can summon the alien fleet

- Tap the Astronest > Scan Alien Fleets > Activate Dimensional Radar button

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