[Facility]Warp Gate

What is Warp Gate?

- A facility that provides a list of wanted criminal groups from Risk Level 1 and higher. 

- When you defeat the wanted criminal, this will give you the chance to acquire Flagship Promotion Kit/Blueprint.

- Attacking wanted criminals consumes Action Points. 

Where can I get Wanted Posters?

- You can get Wanted Posters when you go to Universe and defeat Space Pirates. 

- Attacking different levels of Space Pirates would give you different risk levels of Wanted Posters. 

- To check the possible rewards that you will get when you defeat the Wanted Criminals, tap Reward List button. 

How to use Wanted Poster item?

- Go to Warp Gate, select Risk Level

- Tap Search

- Once you've tapped Search button, this will show you the Wanted Criminal's information such as Combat Rating, Time Remaining that you can attack this criminal and the rewards. 

- Tap Attack to start the battle. The battle will be automatically executed. 


- Once you've tapped the Search button, this will consume your Wanted Poster item.

- Once you've tapped the Attack button. this will consume your Action Points.